The Importance of Having a Workout Outfit You Feel Good In


Here’s the deal:  I’m one of those people that prefers to workout at home.  Always have been, probably always will be.  The only reason I say probably is because I really came alive when I took the PiYo Live teaching certification, so maybe leading group workouts will change that for me.  For some people, that monthly fee spent on a gym membership is a reminder to go exercise.  For others, that friend or trainer expecting to see them in the gym will force them to get up and get going.  I understand that some people need the things mentioned above to be motivated to get their sweat on, but I’m not one of them.  I’m much more likely to exercise knowing that I can roll out of bed, throw on some spandex, walk into the next room, push play, and simply get my workout done.  To keep good form, I pretend that someone is watching me workout, and that actually works for me.

As a child, my mom had to come in my room, stand me up, and gently push me to get me going just about every day.  Things in this area have only slightly improved as an adult.  While I do get out of bed on my own, I hit snooze a bazillion times.  It drives my husband bonkers because he’s the opposite.   He says, “just wake up earlier.”  That’s a great idea in theory; however, there’s no reasoning with the half-asleep, foggy-brained, bear-like me that happens when I first wake up.  I set 2-3 alarms each day so that if/when one fails, I have at least one backup.  At night I choose which workout outfit I’ll wear on my journey to the next room to exercise the next morning.  Yes, I do it the night before, because if I don’t I’ll spend at least 5 minutes staring at the dresser wondering what I’m trying to do.  It would be a case of the foggy brain strikes again.

Once I start exercising, my body’s movement makes my brain wake up.  By the time I’m awake enough to realize how much the workout I’m doing sucks (because everything sucks when I first wake up, lol), I’m so close to being finished that it wouldn’t make sense to stop.  Now, you might be thinking to yourself: “isn’t she a Beachbody Coach, and about to become a personal trainer?”, “I thought fitness people loved to workout”, etc.  Well, I’m not a fan of the workout itself, but rather the benefits I get from it.  No doubt you’re familiar with the health benefits of exercise, but here are my favorites:  keeps depression at bay, boosts immune system, and helps my clothes fit better.  Starting the day with a sense of accomplishment for finishing a difficult workout is another great bonus.

Even though I exercise at home, I still like to wear outfits that I feel good in.  When you’re confident about the way you look in an outfit, it gives you the sense that you can tackle anything.  This is definitely true for me.  If something doesn’t fit me well, I get distracted, and I’m constantly messing with the outfit.  Whether it’s pulling down a shirt that’s riding up, pulling pants up that are falling off, etc. it’s simply distracting.  When I wear an outfit that fits me well and that I feel looks good on me, I spend much less time worrying about how the outfit looks and more time focusing on the exercises (or whatever else I’m doing at the time).  The other thing I consider when picking a workout outfit is this:  when I do go to a gym, fitness class, or anywhere else that requires active wear, would I feel comfortable in this?

The outfit pictured here is one that I put together from items I purchased on different trips to TJ Maxx.  It is one that I felt confident wearing.  The shoes are by Reebok, the pants are by New Balance and the shirt is by Tribal.  When I went to community theatre rehearsals that day, I wasn’t constantly adjusting my clothes, I picked up the choreography better, it was easier to talk to other cast members (I’m a recovering shy person), and I didn’t fear pictures from the photographer (aka my hubby).  These things may sound like a big deal to some people, but they are to me.  For a large portion of my life I had no idea what to wear to flatter my figure, which only made my shyness worse.  Even now I struggle with what to wear from time to time, so a good outfit makes all the difference in how I face the day.  This is true of all types of outfits for me.  Lots of women struggle with this every day.  That’s one of the reasons I love TJ Maxx so much – they offer great fashions at affordable prices so it’s easy for women of any income level to look good.

Thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings!

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