Thai Crystal Deodorant Review


There are two forms of this deodorant (a spray and a solid) and I’ve tried them both, so I’ll discuss them here.

First up is the spray.  I like it because it is fast, and I can spray under my arms quickly (or anywhere else that tends to get stinky).  It takes a short time to dry, and then I can move on to the next in my beauty routine.  During a day with normal activity level, I can go all day without getting stinky.  During times when I get really sweaty, (summer or exercising) I have to reapply more frequently than with regular deodorant.  To me, that’s a small price to pay for not being exposed to harmful chemicals like aluminum, triclosan, and synthetic fragrance, etc.  My biggest complaint is that the pump that comes in the bottle inevitably stops spraying and I have to switch it out with the pump from other spray bottles that I have on hand.

Here’s a link to my Amazon page if you think you’d like to give this deodorant a shot:

Next up is the rock form of this deodorant.  It has the same effectiveness as the spray, but the application is different.  To apply, get it wet, then use it like a roll on.  If it’s too wet it will roll down past your armpits, and you’ll have to wipe it off.  If it’s not wet enough, it can pull the skin a little bit.  Another thing I’ve noticed with this one is that sometimes it has kind of an ammonia smell to it (I’ve never noticed this with the spray).  Not sure if that’s due to my body temperature, hormone levels, or something else, but it’s worth noting.

A few notes:

  • These products will sting if you use it right after shaving!  I’ve learned that the hard way a few times.
  • These products are NOT antiperspirants.  Since sweat is your body’s way of eliminating toxins, I personally don’t think it’s a good idea to trap it inside your body with an antiperspirant.  That can’t be good for you.
  • The liquid will crystallize if it gets too cold.  That’s exactly what happened to mine while staying with my grandmother during the winter because it was 28 degrees outside and there was a hole in her roof!

Overall, I like both forms of this deodorant, though I prefer the spray for the reasons noted above.  It keeps me from getting stinky, which has been an issue with other natural deodorants.

Update:  I forgot to mention the price.  The spray is under $5 for 8 oz.  The solid is just over $5 for 4.25 oz.  Both of these products last quite a while longer than traditional deodorants.


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