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Nontoxic Product Recommendations

If you are looking to detox your lifestyle, I’d love to help!  If you visit My Crazy Nontoxic Store or use the link below, it will take you to my Amazon Affiliate store.  What this means is that if you make a purchase using this link, I will earn a small commission.  This will help offset the cost of keeping the blog up and running.  The products I recommend are all ones that I’ve used and liked.

Essential Oils

In 2014 I purchased a Young Living starter kit and became a distributor.  I use the oils on a regular basis and love them!  To shop essential oils, click here.

At Home Workouts

Fitness has played a huge role in helping me feel better.  Becoming a fitness coach has kept me accountable and I’ve been more consistent about working out since making the leap into coaching.  I’d love to help you do the same.  To check out available programs, click here.  Click shop to see available programs.  If you’re not quite ready to start a program, click join to sign up free access to support from me, plus a 10 day free trial of some awesome digital workouts you can stream from any device with an internet connection!


If you have questions about any of the products (or anything else on my blog) feel free to contact me.



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