Nontoxic Nail Art with Suncoat Polish


Suncoat: The Polish and Peel is the first kind I bought – they make another one that has to be taken off with remover that I haven’t tried yet. The first colors I ordered were Petal Blush (pale pink with a hint of shimmer) and Pink Dahlia (hot pink shimmer). They cost $6 per 8 ml bottle on Vitacost, and $8.99 if you order directly from the Suncoat website. Only certain colors are available on Vitacost, though, and to get the updated packaging you’ll need to buy from Suncoat.

This was one category I’d been hesitating on changing. Since going nontoxic beginning in late 2012, I’d been sticking to polishes that were free of the toxic trio (dibutyl phthalate, toluene, formaldehyde), but the fumes gave me headaches. It got to the point where I painted only my toenails and even then I dreaded it. When I started smelling the fumes through the thick vinyl bag I was storing my polishes in I knew it was time to ditch them for nontoxic versions. So I ordered a few at a discount in basic colors so I could try them out.

I tested it on my fingernails first – three coats of polish without a top coat to test its durability.  By the end of the week there was a bit of wear on the ends, but no chipping. The second time I painted my nails I used the hot pink color. I think I needed a fourth coat, because it was much more noticeable that the color wasn’t applied evenly than the lighter color was.  I also wasn’t as careful with my nails the second time around, so the tips started to peel off a bit by the end of the week. This could likely be easily remedied by using their topcoat.

Next I tried it on my toenails.  As with the fingernails, I had to apply multiple coats to get the nails the same color as the polish in the bottle.  The polish stayed adhered to my nails for 4 weeks with absolutely no chipping! It lasted through PiYo workouts with and without shoes, too.

There was no odor whatsoever when applying the polish. The color didn’t go on as evenly as traditional polish, and it has almost a rubbery feel to it. Give each coat a few minutes to dry before applying the next.  It looked just like it did in the bottle once enough coats are applied. It dried relatively quickly, too.  The really cool thing about this polish is the way you remove it. Nothing other than warm water needed! When you’re ready to take it off, all you have to do is soak your nails in warm water for a few minutes, and the polish peels right off in one piece. I was a bit worried that it might come loose while I was showering or bathing since my feet would be submerged in water. That didn’t happen! This is my new favorite polish for sure!

Since I liked these so much I went on their website and bought quite a few more colors.  The featured images are some nail art that I did for the holiday.  If I had a steadier hand I would have done something a bit more elaborate.  I used all Suncoat colors, including their topcoat.  The top coat imparted the shine that had been missing the other times I tried the polish, and it has stayed on all week with no chipping or peeling!  The blue color is called Lovely Lapis, red is called Sealed with Class, white is called Swan Lake, and they are all peel-able.  The shimmery white and silver were part of a nail art kit called Nail Art Classic (it also includes a glittery gold and a cream black).

I hope you find this info helpful.  Thank you for reading!

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