MyChelle Dermaceuticals Pure Harmony Serum Review


Back in November of 2014 I decided it was time to try a topical product for my hormonal acne. It always cropped up when I was ovulating and when I was premenstrual, so pretty much two weeks out of the month my lower jawline was broken out. It was by no means as bad as it had been prior to switching out our personal care products for less toxic ones in 2012, but it was still there.

I had been hoping that following an anti-inflammatory diet was going to completely clear it up, but no such luck.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying an anti-inflammatory diet itself didn’t work, because I definitely have less inflammation, and as a result, fewer hypothyroid symptoms. Since the diet wasn’t enough to clear up my skin, it was time to try other measures. Enter MyChelle Pure Harmony Serum. This product contains only nontoxic,  vegan friendly ingredients.

I’ve been using it since November 2014, so it’s been long enough for me to give a thorough review. What made me choose to try this product was a combination of the claims made and reviews I’d read.

  • The claim: “cools, calms and brightens sensitive skin without irritation”
  • Reviews: the consensus was that it worked for most of the reviewers.

My experience: it took a few menstrual cycles, but it has made my breakouts a thing of the past. It’s rare I have acne anymore, even during ovulation or pre-menstruation. There will be an occasional blemish on my jawline, but if it happens it’s only one instead of multiples, and usually after I’ve cheated and eaten dairy!  In case you’re wondering “what’s wrong with dairy?”, it contains casein protein, which is highly inflammatory, especially in certain people with autoimmune conditions (like my Hashimotos).  When I eat it I ALWAYS experience swelling, mostly noticeable in my hands, eyes, nasal passages.  I also get congestion and/or sneezing, and yes, acne.  So alas, this cheese lover had to give it up in order to be able to function on a daily basis.

The only other time I get acne is when I go too long without washing my makeup brushes. The difference between those and the hormonal acne is where they appear and how they look. These blemishes crop up in multiple locations all over my face and are usually small whiteheads vs. the large, itchy, painful, cystic type blemishes that appear only on the jaw area.

Depending on your beauty budget, this serum might be considered pricey. Regular price is $45.50 for 1 oz., but if you click the banner below you’ll get 30% off your order. For me, it’s absolutely worth not having those pesky breakouts each month! I should also note that I’m using it in conjunction with the MyChelle Pumpkin Renew Cream.

Hopefully you find this review helpful.  As always, thanks for reading!

MyChelle Dermaceuticals

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