Medication Dosage Update


Prior to starting my new job January 12th, I had some blood work done per my endocrinologist’s request.  Within a few days, I received a phone call stating that my TSH is too high and they want me to increase my dose from 15mg of Armour to 30mg.  Well, in my past experience, almost doubling my medication is what sent my body into a tailspin of lowered immunity, inability to handle stress or exercise, severe ovulation pain, and dramatically increased menstrual cramps and bleeding.  So, you can imagine my reluctance to increase my medication, let alone double it.  However, that was on synthetic thyroid hormone, and the dose was much larger.

I asked to speak with the nurse about my concerns.  She called me back and said there isn’t a dose of Armour available between 15 and 30 mg.  However, she did suggest that I try taking a 30mg pill every other day or every third day, depending on how I tolerate it and take the 15 mg or cut the 30 mg in half on the other days.  Once I am taking a consistent dose, I am to go back and get more blood work at least 5 business days prior to my next appointment in mid-March.  This was such a relief to me because in the past most of the doctors I’ve been to have treated me like a number and wanted me on a specific dose no matter what my side effects were.

I’m awaiting the prescription in the mail, and once it arrives I’ll start taking the new dosage.  I’m willing to give the larger dose a try because there are days where I feel tired mid-day, and sometimes I lack motivation.  I’m hoping that taking a larger dose will help with that.  If it doesn’t, I may or may not continue the larger dose.  Either way, I’ll post an update on how things go.

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