Lettuce Wraps on the Fly


The day we signed our lease we were away from our old house, both of us were hungry, and we had to stay at the new house awaiting the utilities to get set up.  To avoid eating fast food or ordering something bad, we stopped at a grocery store on the way to the new place and grabbed some quick healthy food.  There is a fast food joint close to this store, and let me tell you, the line was pretty long, so it really isn’t that fast.  We were in & out of the store in no time!

What did we eat?  Lettuce wraps!

What did we use?  Organic romaine lettuce, organic hummus free of synthetic preservatives, and lunch meat free of nitrates, gluten, artificial ingredients, and made from meat that is free of hormones & antibiotics.

How did we make them?  Take a whole romaine leaf, spread hummus down the middle of the leaf, place the meat in the middle, then roll the sides inward.

To up the healthy factor, we bought a few probiotic Kombucha drinks.  Utensils and napkins we grabbed from the deli at the store and we used them to spread the hummus onto the lettuce and keep our hands clean.  We sat on the floor to eat since we didn’t have anything in the house yet.

My husband is an amateur photographer who likes to take random pictures of people when they’re not expecting it.  He snapped the featured shot of me while I was finishing my last wrap.  It’s kind of silly-looking because I realized what he was doing a split second before he took the photo.  That’s why I had that weird look on my face.

Since we are still in the process of moving, I’m going to keep this post short.  I really just wanted to share with you how we got through the hardest part of moving & still managed to eat healthy.  It’s not that difficult, and doesn’t always require that you plan ahead (though that yields best results).  This would work for road trips too!  Just because you’re away from home & out of food doesn’t mean you have to eat fast food.  Stop at a local grocery store and grab some healthy fare.  That’s the best way to have a meal on the go and stay on track.

Hope that you find this helpful.  Thanks for reading as always!

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