Get a Professional Makeup Look with Nontoxic Beauty Products


Before I switched to nontoxic beauty products, I worried that the safer versions would not work as well as traditional ones. I worried that I would not be able to look good for special occasions such as the military ball we attended this past weekend. By using the Environmental Working Group’s (aka EWG) Skin Deep Database , I was able to find wonderful brands that I never would have come across otherwise.

Even when a specific product is not listed in their database, you can search individual ingredients. I’ve done this many times with products – I will look up the ingredients in the product, and search each individual one in the EWG Skin Deep database to determine if I want to use the product or not. Investing a little bit of time up front can help keep you safe from toxins!

Over the years I’ve learned a lot about applying makeup, much of which came after I became involved in community theatre. I decided to go all out for this event and apply false lashes and contouring using my nontoxic beauty products. Basically I decided to go the whole 9 yards so to speak.

Get a professional look without the toxins!
Look great in green beauty!

That said, here’s the products I used:
• Foundation: Dermablend cover creme in Pale Ivory.  A little goes a LONG way and covers a multitude of imperfections (like under-eye bags and redness)
• Eye primer: GloMinerals lid primer
• Eyeshadow: Larenim mineral makeup: lid color was Last Crush (dark matte brown), crease color was Déjà vu (matte taupe), upper lid color was Imagine, brow bone highlight/inner corner of eye color was Beige Bauble. I finished off the look by applying a light dusting of a shimmery brown color called Why Not? Over the center of my lids.
• Eyeliner: Larenim mineral makeup in Destiny (black) – the liner is a powder but I used a damp liner brush to give it a more defined look and staying power.
• Eyebrows: Larenim mineral makeup brow powder in Brow Zen Blonde
• Blush: Larenim in Radiant Glo – perfect pink color for pale skin and it really does glow! It’s not a shimmer so it is still flattering to my skin even though I have a few fine lines.
• Contouring: GloMinerals contour kit in Fair to Light
• Eye lashes/glue: Ardell Glamour lashes, DUO brush-on lash adhesive with vitamins. Be careful when purchasing! The Brush-on Adhesive with Vitamins is the only one in this brand that does not contain formaldehyde and fragrance – the rest of the ones I’ve seen by this brand contain both formaldehyde & fragrance. Those ingredients should be on everyone’s blacklist – they are highly toxic!
• Mascara: Larenim in blackest black
• Lips: GloMinerals lipstick in Blush and gloss in Peony
• Nails: 7-free polish by Pacifica in Red Red Wine and 5-free clear top coat by Mineral Fusion

The products listed above are available in the Beauty/Personal Care section of my store.

Because I was undecided on which look would better suit my silver gown, I asked for suggestions on social media as to which polish to wear with my dress – deep red or nude pink. The overwhelming majority vote was for the deep red. That’s what I was leaning toward, because I had been sporting the nude pink for a while and was ready to switch it up. Similar scenario with my makeup – I posted looks I was trying to choose from & the majority went to the dark eye & nude lip. I’ve been wearing a bright lip quite a bit for errands lately, so I really wanted to wear a darker eye with a nude lip for this special event. I was really happy with how it turned out and it was nice to hear everyone’s thoughts on which look I should sport. So happy that I didn’t want to take my makeup off. Since I had a few glasses of wine, I was feeling pretty good & ended up taking some silly pictures with my phone.

Taking silly selfies with my dogs after the ball
Silly selfies w/the dogs

Even I was surprised at how well my makeup stayed on! It still looked fresh at 1am and I applied it at 3pm. 10 hours of wear from nontoxic beauty products was not something I expected when I made the switch a few years ago.  Over the course of the evening, the only thing I had to re-apply was lipstick, but that’s to be expected, especially when eating and drinking. Another benefit of wearing a nude color vs. a dark one – you can re-apply without a mirror 🙂
We ended up having a great time! Good food, wine, and quality time with friends.

Enjoyed the company of friends while at the ball
Enjoyed the company of friends while at the ball

I’m really excited to get our pictures, which should be ready in one to two weeks. The only downside to the whole night was that I realized that we may only have one more to attend before my husband retires :). These are definitely one of my favorite things about being a military spouse. It feels like being a princess and my hubby is my prince. Of course, he still will be my prince even after he retires, but I will miss the opportunity to get dressed up like this each year.  I hope you found this to be helpful.  Feel free to leave any questions/comments you may have in the comments.  Thanks for reading!

Me and my prince at the military ball
Me and my prince at the military ball
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