George’s Aloe Vera Juice


This product was one I tried because I was looking for a cheaper alternative to an organic aloe vera juice spray for my hair that was pretty expensive. I searched my local health food store and found George’s Aloe Vera Juice. The price is great – around $10 for a quart (as opposed to $8 for 8 oz. with the other brand I tried), which I’ve had for about a year, and I still have some left!

Its main use for me is as a detangler. It imparts shine and a bit of control over my hair. Mind you, I’m not talking about hair spray type control – it’s more of a flyaway hair tamer. The shine looks very natural without a weird oily/sticky residue that some other shine sprays can leave behind. In the past, I needed a detangler and shine spray to tame my hair.  George’s Aloe Vera Juice is like both products combined, and it’s all I need now. To be fair, I believe that part of the reason I don’t need both a detangler and a shine spray can be attributed to the fact that my hair is much healthier and less dried out since I stopped coloring it in 2012.

As I did with the rosewater, I decided to try to find more uses for the aloe vera juice, too. It worked well. Obviously, I didn’t use the juice as a body spray because of the lack of scent. The facial mask was just as effective with the aloe vera, though I missed the smell of roses! It works well as a makeup setting spray and to turn mineral powder foundation into a liquid, but again, I miss the rose scent. Another use I found was to use it as a wetting spray for applying mineral powder shadow, liner, and brow powder to liquid. It makes the color more intense and helps it to stay in place better. It’s perfect for days when you need to give your makeup some staying power!

I’m very satisfied with this product, and will definitely keep buying it.  It’s a great multi-tasker!  Hopefully you find the information in this review helpful.  If you’d like to give it a try, here’s a link to my Amazon page:

Thanks for reading!

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