Exercise Accountability for Week Ending 8.9.15


So this was my first week of working for myself, and I must say, it’s been nice so far!  The week prior, I worked a full week at my job, so I have a few things I need to get in place before I feel like I’ll be on the right track.  One of the things I need to do is get my systems in place such as customer list, business activity tracker, financial reporting system, etc.  That will be the best way for me to track what I’m doing.  As an accountant, I have plenty of experience with Excel, so these shouldn’t be too difficult for me to create.  Finding the time to get everything done will be the biggest challenge.

The other thing I really need to do is set up a daily schedule.  I hadn’t really created one prior to working for myself, so it’s simply too easy to get distracted and do things that are a bit off the path of what I should be doing.  Getting enough sleep has been the nicest thing so far.  The only problem with that is because I’m a night owl, I naturally want to stay up late.  Which in turn means I want to sleep later in order to get my 8-9 hours.  Luckily, I noticed it and took some Benadryl very early on Thursday night so I went to sleep on time.  Of course, I can’t rely on that to get to sleep on a regular basis.  It’s just going to take discipline for me to go to bed no later than 11pm.  In time I’m sure I will get used to it.

My workouts for this week were not exactly like the calendar lays them out.  I had to adjust a few but I still managed to get them all in:

  • Monday:  No workout today – my monthly visitor showed up and I was in pain so I took the day off
  • Tuesday: Rockin Body Party Express – 25 minutes & Hardcore Abs – 10 minutes
  • Wednesday:  Rockin Body Rock it Out – 45 minutes
  • Thursday: Rockin Body Party Express – 25 minutes
  • Friday:  Rockin Body Shaun T’s Dance Party – 45 minutes & Disco Groove – 35 minutes.  Also practiced for my upcoming PiYo Live class
  • Saturday: Rockin Body Rock it Out – 45 minutes
  • Sunday:  Rockin Body Shaun T’s Dance Party – 45 minutes & Booty Time – 30 minutes

Rehearsals for community theatre really ramping up this week!  Our choreographer is about to head back to college, so she’s putting on the finishing touches & cleaning up a few things here and there.  We reviewed everything we’ve learned so far & she clarified any questions we had.  It was really a great review, and I feel much more confident about what I’ve learned so far.  This show is awesome!  I’m so thankful to be a part of it, and can’t wait to see how it comes together.  Maybe it’s because my mom is coming to visit this fall in time to see it.  She didn’t get to see the last one, so I’m really excited that she’ll be here for this one.  And our dogs will be so glad to see their Nana!

Thanks for taking time out of your day to read my blog!

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