Exercise Accountability for Week Ending 5.24.15


Right now I’m 7 weeks into the PiYo challenge, and I’m happy with the results. I’m seeing muscle definition in places I haven’t seen in a while, or ever for that matter. For example, I was watching the video from Saturday’s workout, and I noticed muscles popping out in my hamstrings and glutes that I’ve never seen before!  I can’t wait to get my PiYo T-shirt for the Beachbody Challenge!  Next week when I take my “after” picture I hope to feel confident enough with it to post it here.

Here are my workouts for the week:

  • Monday:   PiYo Sculpt – 30 minutes
  • Tuesday: PiYo Sweat – 30 minutes
  • Wednesday: PiYo Core – 30 minutes
  • Thursday: PiYo Buns – 30 minutes
  • Friday: PiYo Strength Intervals – 25 minutes
  • Saturday: PiYo Drench – 45 minutes
  • Sunday: No workout

Since I’m not to my goal weight and I have more toning to do, I’m considering continuing for another month using month two of the PiYo Strength series (which includes a few more workouts and strength slides). Of course, another option is to go ahead and start either Rockin’ Body or Hip Hop Abs. Either way I’m planning to submit for my T-shirt when I complete the 60 day PiYo challenge.

Comment below with your opinion – I’d love to know what you guys think I should do.  Thanks for reading!

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