Exercise Accountability for Week Ending 11.22.15


Because I missed a few workouts last week, I had to make them up this week. I even added an extra back and bis workout on Monday because I felt guilty for missing three days in a row. I slept wrong last Saturday, so I’ve been dealing with the aftermath of that pretty much all week. Because it feels like I have a pinched nerve, I had to scale back on the amount of weight I was lifting. I went back down to 15 lbs as my heaviest weight on my shoulders and chest. I also was sure to reduce the weight I lifted for reverse flies since that’s where my muscles are bothering me the most. That’s a weak area for me, so I don’t lift much to begin with but I went from 8 lbs at the heaviest to 5lbs at the heaviest. While I do want to get caught up and get back on track, I definitely don’t want to injure myself. I’m too close to finishing the entire program to have to stop now!

One thing I have to be careful of is overdoing exercise – it’s not good for my hypothyroidism.  If you overtax your body and you have Hashimotos, it can sap your energy and the stress can cause your immune system to over react to everyday stimuli.  Friday I did three workouts, which really made my body feel very stressed, so I did a short amount of yoga to calm my body down.  It seems to have done the trick because I was able to complete the remaining workouts without incident.  Now I can focus on doing only the workouts that are on the schedule since I’m back on track.

Here are my workouts for the week:
• Monday:  Body Beast Build Back & Bis – 50 minutes
• Tuesday:  Body Beast Build Shoulders – 38 minutes
• Wednesday:  Body Beast Cardio & Abs – 38 minutes & 10 minutes
• Thursday:  Body Beast Bulk Chest – 30 minutes
• Friday:  Body Beast Build Legs, Beast Cardio & Abs – 38 minutes, 38 minutes, 10 minutes 15 minutes of Easygoing flow Yoga from This is Yoga by Tara Stiles which is available in my Amazon store:  http://astore.amazon.com/mycrnoli-20
• Saturday:  Body Beast Bulk Back & Bulk Shoulders – 29 minutes & 35 minutes
• Sunday:  Body Beast Cardio, Abs & Bulk Arms – 38 minutes, 10 minutes, 35 minutes

This week was also my last 2 PiYo Live classes on the schedule for right now. One person showed up on Tuesday and no one showed up on Thursday.

There are a few likely reasons why I had such a low turnout:
1) I didn’t advertise in enough different places
2) I didn’t invite my local friends to each separate event I created on Facebook
3) it’s close to the holidays, and many people stop or cut back on working out during this time of year

In any case, I plan to try again after the beginning of the year. For now, I plan to focus on writing my ebook and finishing up my personal training certification.  Those two things are going to keep me quite busy!

Thanks for reading and have a Happy Healthy Thanksgiving!

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