Exercise Accountability for Week Ending 1.17­­­­­­.16


This was week 1 of my second round of Body Beast. I decided to do the program again for a few reasons. 1) My husband wants to do it too – since I need to get up and get my day started around the same time, it will be easier if we are both doing the same program. 2) My arms still need to get smaller, and Body Beast did that during the first round, so I’m hoping to get them where I want them! 3) The progress from one round was impressive and I’d like to see how a second round would work for me, 4) I’m 2.5 lbs from my goal weight, and I lost 5 on the last round of Body Beast, so I’m hoping this next round will get me to my goal!

Last time I did Body Beast, I was lifting up to 25 lbs on certain exercises such as legs, shoulders & back.  Because I hadn’t been lifting weights since I finished my first round, I lost some of my strength.  However, I didn’t have to start all over because I did continue to exercise.  The heaviest weight I lifted this week was 20 lbs on a few of the leg exercises, but most of the time 15 lbs was my heaviest.  I’m excited to see how heavy I’ll be able to get up to on this second round.  Since we have a plenty of free weights, adjustable dumbbells and an EZ bar, I have what I need to build strength and continue to exercise at home.  I realize it may sound weird that a personal trainer prefers to work out at home, but that’s just my nature.  Alright then, let’s get to it!

Here are my workouts for the week:

  • Monday: Body Beast Build Chest/Tris – 48 minutes
  • Tuesday: Body Beast Build Legs – 38 minutes
  • Wednesday: Body Beast Build Back/Bis – 50 minutes
  • Thursday: Body Beast Cardio & Abs – 38 minutes & 10 minutes
  • Friday: Body Beast Build Shoulders – 38 minutes
  • Saturday: Rest day from Body Beast – learned choreography at rehearsals. Altogether I probably got an hour or more of dancing, though it was off and on from 9 – 3
  • Sunday: Body Beast Build Chest/Tris – 48 minutes

If you read last week’s post, you may remember that passed my exam my personal training certification exam!! Once I get a few things fixed with my website and get my business systems a bit more organized, I’ll be working toward my next goal. What I hope to do is find a job as a trainer and get back to teaching PiYo. Of course, the training job will be in addition to helping online clients. That way I can help people get fit at home using Beachbody, online with personalized workout plans from me, PiYo Live classes, or individual personal training at a gym. It feels nice to know that I can help people no matter where or how they prefer to exercise! Hopefully I don’t sound like a broken record, lol! I’m just excited that I can now start helping more people get fit!

As always, thanks for reading!

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