Desert Essence Gentle Stimulating Facial Scrub


This product was one I recently purchased because I was out of facial scrub.  Until now, I had only tried one nontoxic brand and was interested in trying another one because I want to be able to review a different product for my readers.

It’s very economical at around $6 for 4 oz.  I bought mine online at Vitacost, and it’s super-easy to find online, less so in brick and mortar stores that I’ve been to.  You can also get it on my Amazon page by clicking here:

Overall, I like this scrub.  The small bits that exfoliate the face are almond, oat and walnut meals.  They’re small, so it’s gentle on the face.  It contains aloe vera and several other plant extracts.  The smell is mild, kind of like tea tree oil.  This scrub is very moisturizing, making it great for winter use.

Thanks for reading!

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