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I discovered Deep Steep when I ordered some Orchard Pear and Fig lotion from Vitacost.  It smells like real pears/figs.  This stuff is amazing! The smell is wonderful, the consistency is nice, and it contains no harmful ingredients.  TJ Maxx carries it, so I bought several different scents. Haven’t met one I don’t like yet. The only one I’ve avoided is Lavender because I really don’t like the smell of Lavender.

Deep Steep is a family owned company that makes their products in small batches to ensure quality.  I absolutely love supporting these types of companies!  I’d much rather buy from them than from corporate giants who use harmful chemicals in their products.   According to their website, “Deep Steep produces truly natural bath and body care products offering the superior performance of luxury products with no phthalates, parabens or chemical preservatives. Non-GMO, Gluten-free, 100% Vegan and Cruelty Free (never tested on animals!). Available in seriously sensuous fragrances carefully formulated with essential oils, Deep Steep looks, feels, and smells like luxury brands, priced for everyday use.”

You can’t get much better than that! Unfortunately the EWG Skin Deep Database rating isn’t the best. Because the word “Aroma” appears in the ingredient list, it gets lumped in with “fragrance”, which is unfortunate because essential oils are not phthalates and shouldn’t be in the same category.  I understand that it’s likely an abundance of caution on the part of EWG.  Some people experience skin irritation with essential oils. Luckily, I’m not one of those people. I’ve been using Deep Steep products for several months, and have had no issues with breakouts (not the case when I use synthetic fragrances).

Lotus Flower and Guava Scent: A-mazing!!!! Floral and fruity, very feminine but not overpowering.


Consistency:  thick, moisturizing lotion.  This is great for me because my skin is pretty dry.  It’s not super-oily, so it absorbs quickly.  When using on my hands, I rub it in to my nails and cuticles and the moisture helps keep them from cracking as much.

Dry Body Oil

Consistency: as the name suggests, it is oil that’s dry. If you’re wondering what that means (like I did when I first heard it), basically the oil evaporates more quickly than a “wet” oil. That’s a great thing if you’re trying to get ready and you’re in a hurry. I usually spritz some on after I’ve put my body lotion on. It adds more moisture and a wonderful smell. During the winter I’ll put regular “wet” oil on myself before I towel-dry myself and let it soak in while I walk around in a robe and get ready. I don’t really like to do that in warmer weather because it makes me feel sweaty. That’s probably because my skin isn’t as dry in the summer as in the winter.

Sugar Scrub

Consistency: mildly exfoliates, and is oil-based so I would use it last in the routine. Otherwise it might make your cleanser less “lathery”. It smells just as good as the lotion and the oil. If you use the scrub you probably won’t need the oil unless your skin is super-dry. Another note: it will make your tub slippery, so be careful! I would suggest maybe putting in a non-skid mat or do it once a week before you clean your tub.

Deep Steep is a product line that I would recommend to anyone.  The products are actually better than ones I’ve tried from well-known scented lotion brands.  They work just as well, smell just as good, but are safer, so they get a higher rating in my book!  If you’re one that likes scented lotion, this is a great brand to try if you’re also ready to start using non-toxic products.  You can find these on my Amazon store if you’re interested in trying it:

My hope is that you find this review helpful.  As always, thanks for taking the time to read!

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