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Our home used to be filled with the typical products you find in many American homes.  Bleach, air fresheners, scented detergents, scrubs, etc.  Over the years I became so accustomed to the strong odors, I felt like that was how I knew the house was clean.  But, over the years I also started to notice that every time I cleaned the house I would get a headache, especially when using cleaners with bleach.  This happened regardless of how well-ventilated the room was or how diluted the bleach was and got progressively worse after I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism.  In late 2012 I decided it was time to start using non-toxic products in our home in hopes to help clear up some of my hypothyroid symptoms.  Household cleaners were a big hold-out for me because I’m a clean freak.  If it were up to me, the house would be clean and clutter free at all times.  Go ahead, call me crazy!!

There were quite a few other lifestyle changes I made before switching to nontoxic household cleaners.  Whatever Unscented cleaner was the very first one I tried.  One thing I really liked was that it was an all-purpose cleaner so it would work on multiple surfaces.  It is made with plant-based ingredients and has no odor when sprayed.

My husband and I weren’t sure what to expect so we conducted a test.  Unfortunately I don’t have before and after pictures because at that point I had no idea that I would end up starting this blog (and now we don’t have tile!).  It had been raining a lot around that time and we have dogs, so our floors were pretty dirty!  We sprayed Whatever Unscented on one tile & the grout around it and Tilex on another tile a few tiles away that was just as dirty.  After they both soaked for the same amount of time (no scrubbing on either tile), we were amazed at the results.  The tile and the grout around it with the Whatever on it was noticeably cleaner than the tile with Tilex.  Neither of us expected that.  We were worried that a nontoxic, plant based product wouldn’t out perform a synthetic chemical-based cleaner, but it absolutely did.

We’ve never looked back!  No more toxic cleaners, no matter where we live.  Now I can’t even walk by the aisle in the store where traditional detergents, air fresheners and cleaners are in a store.  If I do, I cough, my eyes water, and I feel like I’m suffocating.  It’s crazy to think that when you’re around them all the time you don’t really notice the smell.  But, when you cut them out and then you’re around them again, you absolutely notice a difference.  Now we purchase our cleaners either online or in a health food store so we don’t have to deal with the odor of all those synthetic fragrances in a regular grocery store.

If you’re wanting to make the switch but not sure where to start, I would definitely recommend trying Better Life products!  Whatever Unscented is an all purpose cleaner, so start there.  It’s available in my Amazon store if you’d like to give it a try:

Hope you find this helpful.  Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Better Life Whatever Unscented All Purpose Cleaner

  1. Whatever unscented cleaner is amazing on carpet stains! I have two dogs so it is inevitable you will have pets stains of one kind or the other. Spray it on lightly, clean the spot with a dry cloth, the spot will be gone and there isn’t a huge wet spot to avoid until it dries.

    • They make a cleaner specifically for pet stains and odors, but the Whatever unscented works great too.

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