Andalou Naturals 1,000 Roses Serum


I recently purchased this serum when I ran out of a more expensive serum that I had been using. It worked great, but because we need to reduce our budget wherever possible, I decided to look for a less expensive version. The Andalou Naturals 1,000 Roses serum costs about $20 less, so I figured it was worth a try.

Because I didn’t originally know what to replace it with, I actually went without serum for a few weeks, and my skin was showing it. I had a few pimples in various areas on my face and my skin overall looked a bit dull. So I decided to order a less expensive serum, which was Andalou Naturals 1,000 Roses sensitive skin serum.  Personally I just love the smell of roses, so it was easy to get on board with this serum.  Rose is moisturizing and antibacterial, so it’s great to use in skin care.

My first impression of the product was a great one. The price is reasonable for a serum and the packaging is attractive. The pink bottle has a pump that dispenses the product. Two pumps are just the right amount for my face. The product feels smooth, not sticky, and glides on the surface of the skin smoothly. It smells like a freshly picked rose because it’s scented with actual roses, which goes great with the Thayer’s rose petal witch hazel toner that I use. When I first decided to make lifestyle changes in an effort to improve my thyroid health, synthetic fragrance was one of the first things to go. As a result of this change I can breathe much easier at home, and I’ve become so accustomed to natural scents that I can’t stand the odor of synthetic fragrance.

After a few weeks of using this product my skin is back to being clear and almost glowing. I love this stuff! Honestly, even if we have room in our budget for the more expensive serum, I’ll keep using this one because I like it so much. Andalou Naturals has an entire line of rose products, and now I want to try the rest of them! If you love using serum and want to switch to a non-toxic one, I recommend trying Andalou Naturals 1,000 Roses Serum for sensitive skin. If you want to give it a try, check out the beauty section of my Amazon

I hope you found this helpful. Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Andalou Naturals 1,000 Roses Serum

  1. There Brightening Tummeric Serum is AMAZING! I usually have a lot of redness on my cheeks. The serum magically removes all redness. I love that they sell trial/travel kits for each of their lines. I have tried the clarifying line, and the kombucha cleaning gel is awesome, I used it when I break out around my menstrual cycle. Right now I’m testing out their brightening line, and I’m loving it, it smells so good.

    • Ooh, I may need to try something from the turmeric line. I didn’t realize they sold trial sizes, I may start there!
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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