Why Did I Start This Blog?


Why did I start this blog?  In late 2012, I had been struggling with hypothyroidism for 3 years.  My blood work was “normal” but I felt worse than ever, and none of my doctors could tell me why.  Out of desperation and frustration, I decided find out if there was anything I could do to change how I was feeling.  I passionately (and sometimes obsessively!) researched environmental toxins that affect the thyroid.  What I found was that there are multiple chemicals that disrupt the thyroid and the entire endocrine system, chemicals that can cause cancer and a host of other health problems that are legally allowed to be added to foods, personal care products, household cleaners and more!

Based on the research I did, I made changes in several areas of our lifestyle.  I’ll admit – I went a little overboard, which is why the word crazy is in the name of my blog! I changed the type of personal care, cosmetics, household cleaners I use, and the type of foods I eat. Not only have most of my symptoms resolved, I was able to reduce the dosage of medication I was on!  Because I feel so strongly that people need to be informed about how exposure to toxins can negatively impact health, I feel compelled to share this knowledge with my loved ones and anyone else willing to listen.

Since I started being so vocal about this issue, friends, family, colleagues, and even a complete stranger have asked me for recommendations on what type of products to use ranging from toilet bowl cleaner to deodorant.  My best friend asked me to show her some products that she should use, so we went to the healthy living aisle of the local grocery store and I proceeded to explain why she shouldn’t use certain chemicals and the benefits of others.  After our trip, she said, “you should start a blog about all this!”  Hence the birth of My Crazy Nontoxic Life.

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