These Are A Few of My Favorite (Nontoxic) Things


If you read my bio, you’ll see that after struggling with hypothyroidism symptoms and not getting answers from my doctors, I decided to learn about endocrine disrupting chemicals and how prevalent they are in personal care products.

So far most of my posts talk about what ingredients I avoid, and they’ve been heavy on food and light on my other topics up until now.  I’d like to tell you about some stand out beauty brands I’ve come across in my mission to eliminate toxic ingredients, (especially endocrine disruptors) from our home.  The purpose of this post is to help get you started with some nontoxic brands I highly recommend.  I’m going to tell you the names of a few of my favorites, what types of their products I’ve used, and why I love them.

Brands I Love!

  • Acure Organics – their products are simply amazing.  This is hands-down my favorite brand of personal care products.  Hair products are less than $10, skin care less than $30.  When I first cleaned up my beauty products back in 2012 I bought shampoo, conditioner, facial scrub and Argan Oil, all of which I still use today.  Since then I’ve added dry shampoo, facial wash, facial and body lotion, and scar/wrinkle cream.
  • Desert Essence – really strong nontoxic brand.  Price point is similar to drug store brands, but without all the toxins!  They make all types of personal care products including skin care, oils, bath & body, hair, dental and baby care items.  My favorite product of theirs is the Pistachio foot cream.  I also love their tea tree acne treatment, facial scrub, and body lotion.  Most products are under $20 with very few exceptions.
  • Larenim – they make mineral makeup, brushes, and skin care.  This is my go-to brand for cosmetics.  If you were to look inside my makeup case, you will see mostly Larenim labels.  One drawback is that it’s hard to find in retail stores, but the website sells trial sizes that range in price from $3 – $5.  This is great because you can try them out before you pay for a full sized item, which run from $9 – $25.  They do a great job of describing their wide range of colors, so you can easily pick colors that work with your skin tone.  Standouts for me:  Eye shadows in Surreal, Bewitched Sand, and Imagine, blush in Princess, eyeliner in Last Crush, foundation in 1C, mascara in Jet Black, lip gloss in Princess.
  • Shea Moisture – another great personal care brand that makes skin, body and hair care, and has recently moved into making cosmetics (which I can’t wait to try!).  Everything is under $25, their products can be found in many popular drugstores and big box retailers, as well as in grocery and beauty product stores.  My favorites are anything in the Coconut and Hibiscus scent, and I’ve tried most of them:  bar soap, lip balm, shampoo, conditioner, detangler, curl style milk, and body lotion.
  • Dr. Bronner’s – known mostly for soaps that can do pretty much anything, this company cares about fair trade and product safety.  I’ve tried the Castile soap in peppermint, baby mild, and rose with hemp, lip balm in naked, unscented shave gel, and hair cream.  The most expensive price I’ve seen was $35 for a 1/2 gallon, which is great because it’s so concentrated it will last quite a while.  Standout products in my opinion:  baby mild liquid soap, lip balm in Naked, and the unscented shave gel.

Just to be clear, none of these companies have paid me to say these nice things about them.  These are brands that I’ve used myself, and they really stand out as favorites because I’m happy with their products and appreciate their business models.


P.S.  I will review individual products as my schedule allows.

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