The Best Way to Eat Popcorn


Because of all the crazy chemicals that are in microwave popcorn (PFOA, BHT, diacetyl), my husband and I wanted a way to eat popcorn that was safer.  The fact that these crazy chemicals don’t have to be listed on the label (they usually either fall under the “artificial flavor” label or are created during the popping process as a chemical reaction) is reason enough to stay away from microwave popcorn.  As an alternative, we decided to buy a stovetop popper. This way we can buy organic popcorn kernels, make only what we want, and put only natural ingredients on it. Our favorite way to make it is simple: olive oil, grass fed butter (since it doesn’t have casein), and sea salt. Sometimes we change it up and add garlic powder and other seasonings. But honestly, we both just love good old buttered popcorn, so we have it that way most of the time.

This stovetop popper has really come in handy lately. Lots of people have been bringing fast food to rehearsals, and it smells amazing. That, in turn, makes me crave something salty like chips or French fries. I’ve managed to control myself by coming home and popping myself some popcorn. It satisfies the salty, crunchy craving without eating anything that’s bad for me. Here’s hoping that it keeps working through the end of next week when we finish up performances.

Here’s how to use the stovetop popper: put oil, butter, and kernels in the popper, secure the lid and put over high heat (you can leave off the butter and use oil only if you prefer). Turn the handle continuously until the kernels start to pop. Keep turning until you no longer hear popping. Remove from heat immediately to prevent burning. Place in a bowl, grind some sea salt on top, and toss a few times to ensure the salt gets down to the bottom of your bowl.

If you’re trying to clean up your diet and don’t want to give up your popcorn, I absolutely recommend getting a stovetop popcorn popper. It’s safer and tastier than microwave popcorn. There’s a great one in my Amazon store in the kitchen gadgets section, and some organic popcorn in the food section (go here: Ever since learning about all the different places toxic chemicals are allowed, I’ve vowed to change whatever I can without driving myself crazy. This was one change I was resistant to, but only because I didn’t know how to use the popper. Once I learned how to use it, I actually like it better! It takes about the same amount of time, it tastes way better than fake butter flavor, there are less kernels that don’t pop, less of a problem with burning, and it’s cheaper! Microwave popcorn has to be watched the whole time, so why not make it healthier and tastier? My only regret is not doing this sooner! I hope you find this helpful, and I appreciate you taking the time to read this review. Thanks!

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