Exercise Accountability for Week Ending 12.20­­­­­­.15

Since I’m not doing a specific workout program right now, I’m trying to incorporate a variety of workouts. My goal is to try as many Beachbody workouts as possible so that I can better help my customers choose a program that is right for them. There are so many available on Beachbody on Demand that … Read more

Exercise Accountability for Week Ending 12.13.15

This was the first week of workouts since completing the 90-day Body Beast Challenge. I’ve decided not to put myself on another program until after the beginning of the year. That’s not to say I won’t be exercising, though! I’ve already planned out all my workouts. I want to try several different workouts that are … Read more

Rescheduled PiYo Classes!

You may know that I had previously scheduled PiYo Live classes that had to be postponed due to a bout with shingles.  It was causing me nerve pain that traveled up my spine, so teaching a live class was out of the picture for awhile.  Now I’m healthy and ready to try again!  If you’ve never tried … Read more

Exercise Accountability for Week Ending 7.26.15

Rehearsal boot camp for community theatre started this week.  We had rehearsals Sunday, Monday, Tuesday & Thursday.  This was to learn choreography before the choreographer goes back to college for the fall.  So far it’s been lots of fun!  My fellow cast mates have some very impressive talent – I cannot wait to see how … Read more

Exercise Accountability for Week Ending 7.19.15

This week was a short work week for me.  I took Wednesday through Friday off so that I could attend my PiYo Live certification on Wednesday and the Beachbody Summit events the remainder of the week.  There were inspirational speeches, workshops, product launches, and lots of learning.  Overall it was an amazing experience!  This was … Read more

Exercise Accountability for Week Ending 7.12.15

This week has been way less stressful than the last few months.  Since I spoke to my boss about my stress levels, she allowed me to work from home every day except one so I don’t have to drive two hours per day.  We have decided to move off post, so I’ve been able to … Read more

Exercise Accountability for Week Ending 6.28.15

As I mentioned last week, I started having shakes twice per day in an effort to get that last stubborn layer of fat off me.  The first shake of the day is vegan Shakeology, and the second is Garden of Life Raw protein powder.  Both are high quality, plant based protein powders with no artificial … Read more

Exercise Accountability for Week Ending 6.21.15

My monthly visitor continued into this week. Luckily it wasn’t as difficult on me as it was at the end of last week, so I was able to get my workouts in without much pain (other than the discomfort of the workouts themselves, lol). I’ve been doing pretty good about getting to sleep on time … Read more

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