Nontoxic Cleaners for the New Year

Is one of your new year’s resolutions to use safer cleaning products but unsure where to start?  Do nontoxic cleaners work as well as the ones you’ve been using all your life? How much do they cost?  Where does one find them? These are all questions I had when I started this journey.  When I … Read more

Crazy Thyroid Story – Full Version

This is a long story.  There’s some very personal information in here – if that makes you uncomfortable, you might not want to read this.  If you’re short on time, read the short version. In November 2009, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and put on synthetic thyroid hormone replacement.  I expected my symptoms to clear … Read more

Detoxify Your Home

Here’s how I detoxed our home: No synthetic fragrances in ANYTHING – essential oils only (more on this later) No Paraffin candles – they release benzene when burned (Recognized by the IARC, NTP, EPA, and NIH as a known human carcinogen) Use nontoxic detergents and cleaning products with a low rating on the Environmental Working … Read more

List of Changes I Made

Lifestyle Changes I Made Personal Care/Cosmetics – eliminated: Sodium laurel sulfate Parabens (any form) Fragrance (unless from essential oil) Triclosan Benzene (any form) Hair dye.  Yes, I finally embraced my natural color! Methylhexylcinnimate Petroleum distillates such as Propylene Glycol, PPG, PEG, etc. Fluoride Many others – too many to list them all (I usually check … Read more

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