Deep Steep Lotus Flower and Guava

I discovered Deep Steep when I ordered some Orchard Pear and Fig lotion from Vitacost.  It smells like real pears/figs.  This stuff is amazing! The smell is wonderful, the consistency is nice, and it contains no harmful ingredients.  TJ Maxx carries it, so I bought several different scents. Haven’t met one I don’t like yet. … Read more

Honeybee Gardens Nail Polish Review

This was one of two brands that I tried when I decided to opt for water-based polish after clinging to my toxic, smelly stuff for quite awhile after learning about their toxic ingredients (   The other brand I tried was Suncoat. First of all, there was not much odor, which is great. They have a … Read more

Nontoxic Nail Art with Suncoat Polish

Suncoat: The Polish and Peel is the first kind I bought – they make another one that has to be taken off with remover that I haven’t tried yet. The first colors I ordered were Petal Blush (pale pink with a hint of shimmer) and Pink Dahlia (hot pink shimmer). They cost $6 per 8 … Read more

MyChelle Pure Harmony Serum Review

Back in November of 2014 I decided it was time to try a topical product for my hormonal acne. It always cropped up when I was ovulating and when I was premenstrual, so pretty much two weeks out of the month my lower jawline was broken out. It was by no means as bad as … Read more

Now Solutions European Clay Powder Review

The ingredients in the facial masque I was using before deciding to switch to non-toxic beauty products were questionable at best. The worst ones included: Butylphenyl Methylpropional (bio-accumulative, immune system toxicant), Diazolidinyl Urea (formaldehyde releaser), Methylparaben (hormone disruptor), Propylparaben (hormone disruptor), Fragrance a.k.a. Parfum (immune/respiratory/environmental toxicant), Butylphenyl Methylpropional (immune system toxicant & hormone disruptor). Needless … Read more

Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel

Thayer’s is an American brand that has been in existence for over 100 years. They have an entire line of products, but now are best known for their witch hazel. The Rose Petal Witch Hazel ( was the first and only natural astringent I purchased. It works and smells great, so I have no plans … Read more

Tisserand Rose Blend Deodorant Review

If you’ve read my other posts then you know that I refuse to use any product that contains toxic chemicals. Deodorant is no exception. I also love to shop, especially at discount stores. This was another TJ Maxx find I bought because I was getting low on the Botanical Societies Citrus deodorant I had bought … Read more

MyChelle Dermaceuticals Pumpkin Renew Cream

MyChelle brand is one I’ve seen but hadn’t really tried until I bought this lotion recently. I ran out of my night cream and decided to try a new one. I bought it in the fall (late November) when pumpkin is everywhere – I absolutely love pumpkin! It’s full of anti-oxidants and makes delicious pie, … Read more

Acure Argan Oil Probiotic Sensitive Facial Cream

As predicted, today ended up being a snow day.  Good thing I paid attention to the weather forecast and brought my company laptop home, so I could work remotely.  Our community theater rehearsals had to be cancelled, too.  Since I will be pretty busy once this snow clears up, I’m taking advantage of not having … Read more

Desert Essence Gentle Stimulating Facial Scrub

This product was one I recently purchased because I was out of facial scrub.  Until now, I had only tried one nontoxic brand and was interested in trying another one because I want to be able to review a different product for my readers. It’s very economical at around $6 for 4 oz.  I bought … Read more

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