Exercise Accountability for Week Ending 2.14­­­­­­.16

This was week 5 of my second round of Body Beast. Monday was another snow day, and Tuesday wasn’t much better.  That is one of the reasons I absolutely love home workouts!  It allows me to keep up with my workouts regardless of the weather.  No worries about trying to drive to the gym in … Read more

Exercise Accountability for Week Ending 11.22.15

Because I missed a few workouts last week, I had to make them up this week. I even added an extra back and bis workout on Monday because I felt guilty for missing three days in a row. I slept wrong last Saturday, so I’ve been dealing with the aftermath of that pretty much all … Read more

Exercise Accountability for Week Ending 10.18.15

This week started strong. I made up the workout I missed last week and was on track to get caught up but by Friday I was feeling bad again & missed a few more workouts. My husband went out of town for a Wounded Warrior Project bike ride, so I was home alone for almost … Read more

Exercise Accountability for Week Ending 7.26.15

Rehearsal boot camp for community theatre started this week.  We had rehearsals Sunday, Monday, Tuesday & Thursday.  This was to learn choreography before the choreographer goes back to college for the fall.  So far it’s been lots of fun!  My fellow cast mates have some very impressive talent – I cannot wait to see how … Read more

Exercise Accountability for Week Ending 7.12.15

This week has been way less stressful than the last few months.  Since I spoke to my boss about my stress levels, she allowed me to work from home every day except one so I don’t have to drive two hours per day.  We have decided to move off post, so I’ve been able to … Read more

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