Mahi Over Sautéed Broccoli Slaw and Spinach

Now that I’m working from home full time, meal planning has not been on the top of my priority list.  It’s definitely something I should be doing, especially with things being so busy at the theatre.  It would make it easier for my husband to stay on track since he can’t come home for lunch since … Read more

Gluten Free Buffalo Chicken Salad

My husband absolutely loves buffalo sauce!  He has been super-supportive of the dietary changes I’ve made.  He even agreed to follow it himself (for the most part, anyway!).  One of the most difficult things about eating clean for him has been to give up his hot wings.  Most of the commercial varieties available are filled … Read more

Lazy Salad

Tonight I wanted a quick and easy healthy dinner.  I called this Lazy Salad because it required minimal effort.  When I get home from a long day after the commute and working on reports all day, the last thing I want to do is spend what’s left of the evening making dinner.  Many times I’ve … Read more

Quick Yellow Smoothie

Another quick, easy smoothie made in about 5 minutes in the Ninja blender single serve attachment (part of the system we purchased available on my Amazon page  I came up with this one to my husband to eat more veggies.  Not only did I get him to eat a veggie in a smoothie, but it’s … Read more

Quick Green Smoothie

When I say quick I mean it – this literally took five minutes to make one serving, ten minutes for the two.  I made them separately with our Ninja blender in the single serve attachment (part of the system we bought, available on my Amazon page:  This was our dinner Tuesday night. My husband has … Read more

Tropical Fruit and Spinach Smoothie

While my husband is on leave for the holidays, we decide to make quite a few smoothies.  It’s been dreary, overcast, and cold here lately, which put us both in the mood for something to brighten the day. What better way to do that than with tropical fruit?  We happen to have some tropical fruit … Read more

Green Christmas Smoothie

This healthy blended fruit and spinach smoothie was something I threw together with items we had on hand.  It looked so cute next to our Christmas decorations that I had to include them in the picture!  The flavors are not really reminiscent of the holidays, but the color definitely is. To make this taste a … Read more

“Soup-er” Easy Chicken Soup

Today was one of those days where I didn’t feel like cooking but still wanted to eat healthy so I decided to make one of my go-to recipes for those kinds of days:  chicken soup.  Since I use this recipe often and usually when I’m not feeling motivated to leave the house, I try to … Read more

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