Real Techniques Foundation Brush


Recently I reviewed Pacifica Dreamy Cover Serum Foundation.  I mentioned the brush I used to apply it, so I figured I should probably write a review of the brush, too!  When I first used the foundation, I tried applying it with my fingers, and it looked really odd.  By odd, I mean extremely thick and uneven.  I couldn’t seem to get it to apply evenly with my fingers. For that reason, I thought I should try applying it with a brush.

The brush I used was the real techniques angled foundation brush.  It has a metal handle with synthetic bristles.  Using the brush makes it easy to pick up the foundation and spread it evenly over my face.  When I used my fingers it wasn’t as easy to apply the foundation, so the brush really helped.  It also allowed me to use much less product and achieve flawless coverage.

I have two other brushes of theirs – a stippling brush that I use to apply a full coverage foundation and a concealer brush that I use to contour my nose. I don’t do that every day, only when I’m doing shows at the theatre or taking important pictures. When I had my husband take my headshots I contoured my face using the concealer brush. I’ve also done it a few times when I worked on the show Nashville. Real techniques brushes are reasonably priced and readily available. The ones that I’ve used are available in my Amazon store ( Have you ever tried any of their brushes? I’d love to hear which ones and what you think about them!

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

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