Quick Green Smoothie


When I say quick I mean it – this literally took five minutes to make one serving, ten minutes for the two.  I made them separately with our Ninja blender in the single serve attachment (part of the system we bought, available on my Amazon page: http://amzn.to/1KyivV2).  This was our dinner Tuesday night.
My husband has terrible acid reflux, and it has come to a point where he can’t really eat solid food past about 6 pm, but I don’t usually get home from work until closer to 7pm.  Before his acid reflux got out of hand, my husband would make dinner since he works so close to home & I have a long commute. Earlier this week he tore his achilles tendon, so he’s been a bit out of commission.
So that we could have dinner together, I made this when I got home.

2 Kiwis
1/3 of a large Cucumber
1 Banana
1 tsp honey

Peel/dice the kiwis (I use a potato peeler to take the skin off)
Cut the cucumber into 3 equal parts & dice 1/3
Seal in the single serve container & pulse (this took about 3 seconds)
I had to do this in stages because the kiwi & cucumber came to the fill line, so I couldn’t put everything in at once
Peel/slice or break the banana & add to the container
Add 1 tsp honey
Put the lid back on and pulse (again, about 3 seconds)

Voila!  Yummy shake is ready to drink!

P.S.:  If you’re like me and prefer eating clean, then make sure your produce is organic!

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