MyChelle Pumpkin Renew Cream Review


Since it’s pumpkin season right now, I wanted to re-share this review.  MyChelle Pumpkin Renew Cream has remained a staple in my skincare regimen since I purchased it for the first time almost a year ago.

MyChelle brand is one I had seen but hadn’t really tried until I bought this lotion. I ran out of the other night cream I had been using and decided to try a new one. One of my favorite things about fall is everywhere – I absolutely love pumpkin! It’s full of anti-oxidants and makes delicious pie, bread, and pancakes (gluten, dairy, soy and refined sugar free ones, of course!). This technically isn’t a night cream, but that’s what I use it for because it’s a bit heavier than the day cream I use. It was a 1.2 oz bottle and the cost was $28. A good mid-range price nontoxic brands.  I’ve seen this brand at Whole Foods and Natural Grocers, and HEB Grocery stores.

This lotion is for combination skin, and comes in unscented and regular, and I have tried both.  The scented cream has a very mild aroma from plant oils, including pumpkin, lavender, clove, nutmeg, vanilla, sweet orange, honeysuckle and rose alcohol. The ingredient list is chock full of safe, plant based components. The product slogan is that the lotion promotes balanced skin. It’s definitely done that for me!  Several of the ingredients are known to fend off acne and wrinkles. Great for those of us who are in the stage of our lives where we are dealing with both (like me)!  I haven’t seen a huge reduction in my crows feet, but I wasn’t really expecting to since they weren’t very noticeable to begin with.  But, I’ll do everything I can to keep them from progressing and if it works, that’s a win.  Hey, I’m 38 and barely have wrinkles.  It’s a combination of genetics & clean living.  Because I noticed such a huge difference in the quality of my skin when I eat clean vs. eating junk food, I know that clean living is a huge contributing factor in how my skin looks.

A year ago, I would get hormonal acne along my jaw when I was ovulating, premenstrual and well into when I’m menstruating. Since I started using this lotion regularly, I rarely get acne during any of those times now.  I even get less acne when I go too long without washing my makeup brushes!  When I start getting acne disbursed throughout my face I know it’s time to wash them.  Now that I’m working at home I don’t use them as often so I can get away with washing them less often.

I would recommend giving this lotion a try. It’s calmed my skin down quite a bit, and I plan to continue using it. Not only that, it’s comparable in price and works better than many of it’s toxic competitors.  I can tell you that from experience because I used them all before I made the switch to nontoxic!  As always, hope you find this helpful and thanks for reading!

If you’d like to try MyChelle products, you can  get 30% off with this link:  MyChelle Dermaceuticals Natural Skincare with Guaranteed Results  .

Hopefully you find this review helpful.  Thanks for reading!

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