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One of the things I learned on this nontoxic living journey I’m on is that plastic has chemicals that leach out into food and water.  The main chemical of concern is bpa (aka bisphenol A).  It mimics estrogen and has been linked to hormone disruption, which leads to a whole host of other health problems.  Since hormones control all kinds of bodily functions, you can imagine that having a hormonal imbalance can really disrupt your daily life.  I’m already estrogen dominant, so fake estrogen is the last thing I need to be knowingly ingesting!  As a result, my family and I have made every effort to stop using plastic to heat or store food or liquid in.

What about bpa-free plastic?  According to multiple sources, the replacement for bpa is a chemical cousin called bps (aka bisphenol S), which isn’t any safer (read more here:  http://www.prevention.com/health/health-concerns/danger-bpa-and-plastic-alternatives-bps ).

At first, I started by using only ceramic mugs for hot liquids like coffee and tea.   Instead of carrying a plastic water bottle around the house, I started using one of those ceramic cups with a silicon lid.  There are several disadvantages to those.  For one thing, they are tiny and I was constantly having to refill it.  Not really that big of a deal, just kind of inconvenient.  The next issue is that they are breakable.   One day I put it in the cup holder of our treadmill, not realizing that there was a stick of lip balm in there, so it fell out and broke.  Water and ceramic all over the treadmill is NOT a good thing, lol!  The next casualty happened when my husband set the ceramic cup on the kitchen counter, once again on top of a stick of lip balm!  Two broken cups was enough!

I had resigned myself to trading the convenience factor of plastic for using safer products made of breakable materials.   Once we broke the second 12 oz. ceramic cup and could only find 8 oz replacements, I started looking for alternatives.   That’s when I discovered Klean Kanteen stainless steel water bottles!  They come in a variety of sizes, colors & styles. They are available in wide mouthed, narrow mouthed, insulated, non-insulated, screw on lids and retractable rubber mouthpiece (for those times when you only have one hand free).  They even make baby bottles, sippy cups and tumblers, though I personally haven’t tried any of those items so I can’t offer a review.  However, if they are as good as the bottles we have purchased, I’m sure they are wonderful!

Before I purchased one, I was worried that the water would taste like metal, but these bottles do not change the flavor of the water at all.  The biggest drawback in my opinion is the price.  They are not cheap, but they will last forever and they don’t have toxic chemicals in them so it’s worth every penny.  The only other factor that is kind of a pain is that the screw off lids require two hands – one to hold the bottle and one to unscrew the lid.  A bit inconvenient if you’re driving, but that’s why we decided to buy the bottle with the retractable spout.  Overall I’m thrilled with the Klean Kanteen line.  I’ll never go back to a plastic bottle ever again!

We purchased several different sizes and types for different reasons.  When I was commuting an hour each day to work, I was using the 64 oz bottle to bring my whole day’s worth of fluoride free water with me.  Now that I work from home, I typically use the smaller 27 oz. bottle with the retractable spout so that I don’t worry about spilling water on my computer.

I definitely recommend getting a Klean Kanteen water bottle if you’re looking to reduce your exposure to toxic chemicals in everyday items.  Who wants to worry about the harmful effects of using a plastic water bottle?  And why should you when you can get a metal one and feel good knowing that you’re doing something good for your body and the planet!  These are available in my Amazon store in the home products section if you’re interested in trying them out (http://astore.amazon.com/mycrnoli-20 ).  I hope you found this review helpful.  If you have any questions about this bottle, please feel free to comment below or contact me.

Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Klean Kanteen Review

  1. Are the lids plastic? They look like it in the picture. It took me forever to find a water bottle that didn’t have a plastic lid or plastic seals. I love my glass one and am not a fan of stainless steel (I’ve also heard mixed reviews about how healthy they are for you long-term). Even if I drop it (which I have), it doesn’t break due to the protective sleeve.

    • The caps are plastic, but the inside is metal so that no water actually comes into contact with the plastic pieces.

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