GloMinerals Lip Gloss Review


My first GloMinerals purchase was an eye shadow trio that I bought on a shopping trip when I was trying to replace my toxic makeup.  Why did I decide to look for nontoxic makeup?  Well, in my quest to live better with hypothyroidism, I researched what lifestyle changes I could make.  One thing that kept coming up was endocrine disruptors  in cosmetics & personal care products.  Being a girlie girl and a beauty product junkie, I was not about to stop wearing makeup!  But I wasn’t about to keep using toxic chemicals that were affecting my health.  Who wants to do that?

Now that the why is out there – back to the makeup.  I liked the shadow, so I decided to try the lip color last year.  Because my husband is military, we were relocated to another state.  We lived in Austin, Texas previously, which is a large city with lots of options, so finding non-toxic makeup was really easy.   When we moved to a small town in Tennessee, that got much more difficult.  However, I found a salon in town that actually sells GloMinerals!  Of course, that is where I chose to get my hair cut as well.

The first lip product I purchased from GloMinerals was a lipstick (review to come later on).  My latest purchase was a plum colored lip gloss.  When I had my hair cut a few weeks ago, my stylist offered to touch up my makeup, and I accepted.  I had been wanting a plum lip color but hadn’t had much luck with ordering colors online, so I tried a color called plumberry.  First of all, the color is A-mazing!  This one is cool, which is great for my fair skin & blond-ish hair.  When it goes on, it is not sticky, it has a rather smooth and moisturizing feel.  After I left the salon I ran several errands, and ate a snack bar before going to the grocery store so I wouldn’t buy too much food 🙂  When I got home four hours later, my lips were still the plum color.   My lips were a bit less glossy but the color was still there.  The picture above is me right after I got the cut & had the gloss applied.

I was absolutely amazed!  So much so that last night I went to an event at the salon and purchased a set of 4 glosses that included the plumberry of course.  A friend of mine came with me and she ended up ordering a lipstick to wear to an upcoming military ball.  On top of that, I ended up winning a global giveaway that I’m picking up later today.  Reviews on those and the other products I bought coming soon!

Conclusion:  I definitely recommend GloMinerals lip gloss.  The quality of the product is great and so are the ingredients.  No synthetic fragrance, no parabens, no triclosan or any other ingredients known to cause endocrine disruption.  Finding products that are free of hormone disruptors has been a key part of my journey toward feeling better.  So glad that I found this brand, and I want to share it with you!  If you’re interested in trying it, check out the beauty section of my Amazon store here:

Happy Friday and thanks for reading!

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