Health and Fitness Coaching

Are you motivated to work out regularly but just aren’t sure what to do?  Do you need someone who will encourage you to step outside your comfort zone?  Someone who will be there when you need them but won’t bug you all the time?  Someone who understands what living with Hashimoto’s is like?  Even if you don’t have Hashimoto’s I’d still love to help you meet your fitness goals!

As a Hashimoto’s sufferer myself, I understand that it’s hard to find energy and motivation to exercise regularly.  I understand how frustrating it is when the results don’t happen very quickly.  Let me help you stay motivated from a place of personal understanding.  I believe that exercise, nutrition and the mind-body connection are tools that work together to create overall wellness. Eat right, exercise, and avoid toxins wherever you can.  I can help you with all 3!

If you prefer saving time driving back and forth to a gym, try popping in a DVD or streaming workouts instead.  I can hook you up with the right program for you!  Complete the form below for more info on how to get started.  Don’t want to wait?  You can sign up for a 30-day free trial here: .  Click join, enter your info and you’re set.  I’m here for you!

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