Exercise Accountability for Week Ending 9.6.15


We were without internet at the new house until this past Friday, so I’ve been out of the blogosphere.  While we do have data on our phone plan, we almost hit our limit, so I had to be very selective about what I did online.  It actually worked out, because we had to finish getting the old place ready to turn in the keys and unpack at the new house.

The shingles pain I was experiencing last week eased up on me this week.  Even though I was feeling a bit better, I wanted to take it easy on myself since stress is usually a factor in a shingles outbreak.  Between how I was feeling, trying to get the old house ready to give back & unpacking the new place, I didn’t want to start another workout program just yet.  I also wanted to see how I would do on some of my old favorite workouts now that I’ve completed two Beachbody programs.  The only one that was difficult for me to get through was the Ballet Beautiful workout.  The rest of them were a breeze compared to most of the Beachbody workouts.  That’s not to say there’s no value to these other workouts – quite the contrary!

This week I needed to continue to exercise, but at a less advanced level.  The workouts I did this week are great for someone who’s just starting out or for someone needing to take it a bit easier on themselves (like I did this week).  That said, here’s what I did:

• Monday:  My workout today was cleaning the old house

• Tuesday:  Fat Burning Pilates with Ellen Barrett – 45 minutes

• Wednesday:  Burn & Firm Pilates with Ellen Barrett – 45 minutes

• Thursday:  Ballet Beautiful with Mary Helen Bowers – 60 minutes

• Friday:  Moved boxes & other items from the garage into the house
via the stairs, which was a pretty good workout

• Saturday:  Rapid Results Pilates with Lara Hudson – 50 minute

• Sunday:  Running through the show for community theatre – involved dancing & singing

This week I’m starting Body Beast.  It’s a 90 day program that is designed to build lean muscle.  Since I have a few stubborn areas that I want to tone up, building muscle is going to be the best way to do that.  My arms and upper thighs are the areas on my body that don’t seem to want to cooperate with me.  There’s a stubborn layer of fat in both of those places that I have been unable to get rid of with other methods, so I decided to try lifting.  Of course, as many women do, I fear getting bulky.  I want my arms & upper thighs to be smaller and have less fat on them, so I’m hoping that building the muscles will achieve that look.  Best of all, you can do it in the privacy of your own home.  Even though I’m going for my personal training certification, I still love the idea of getting fit in the privacy of your own home.  Other people have achieved great results with this program, and I’m certain I will too.  We shall see!

Hope you all had a great week and as always thanks for reading.

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