Exercise Accountability for Week Ending 8.30.15


This week was a bit tough for me. We moved to a new place in town, and we did it mostly ourselves. Some friends of ours helped get the largest items last weekend. The rest of it we moved by making multiple trips back and forth. This past Saturday and Sunday we got the rest of the items out of the old place and cleaned the upstairs. On top of the moving, I was dealing with a shingles outbreak (that showed up last Saturday), which was pretty darned painful. The tell-tale rash appeared on my back flank last Saturday, and caused me quite a bit of pain during the week. Before the rash appeared, I was beginning to think I had a kidney infection because of the burning pain I was feeling back there. The pain would radiate around to the front and even up my spine. There were a few days where I could barely move at all!

We have to give our keys back to the old place early this week, which meant I had to power through the pain and get things done. Most days this week, I spent quite a bit of time carrying very small loads of items from the garage up to the house. The garage is on the ground level, the majority of the home is second level, and the bonus room is above the garage with 6 steps, so it’s like a split-level home. The original plan was to unpack and put things away when they were brought over, but the shingles put a bit of a monkey wrench in those plans. We ended up having to settle for getting everything over here since I had limited mobility.

It also affected my workouts unfortunately. With a painful rash on my back, floor work was out of the question. The pain up my spine made lifting weights a bit tricky, too. Most days my workout was simply bringing items upstairs and unpacking. There were a few days that I managed to get a workout in, too. The pain would come and go, so I took advantage of the days that I wasn’t in severe pain.

Here are my workouts for the week:
• Monday:  No workout other than moving some small items from the garage to the new house. Went to the doctor about shingles and was in quite a bit of pain so didn’t get much done.
• Tuesday:  No workout other than moving very few things around the house & unpacking some boxes that my hubby brought upstairs. Another pretty painful day so I wasn’t terribly productive
• Wednesday:  Felt a bit better today so I was able to get quite a bit of unpacking & organizing done. Since I got a pretty good workout from moving, I didn’t do a lot of exercise. In an effort to keep the definition in my tummy that I’ve worked so hard for, I decided to do Rockin Body Hard Core Abs – 10 minutes
• Thursday:  Back to having pain again today, so I was relegated to light duties such as laundry, organizing, and unpacking boxes I had my hubby bring upstairs for me
• Friday:  Felt quite a bit better today than yesterday, so I was able to get quite a few things moved, unpacked, and organized
• Saturday:  30 minutes on the treadmill & Total Arm Assault from the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders Hard Body Boot Camp DVD using 5lb & 3lb dumbbells. Mid-day at the old house I started feeling pain again, but not just from shingles. My monthly visitor decided to show up 10 days early! Really? Shingles wasn’t enough? Even though I was in pain, I had to get things done, so I cleaned the upstairs & part of the downstairs at the old house.
• Sunday:  No official workout today. We went over to the old place to finish packing up the dishes, food, and other random items still left at the old place.

This morning my husband went over and got the rest of the items out of the old place, so I’m going to clean today since I’m feeling ok. Having only mild shingles & menstrual pain, so I’m getting the cleaning done. Now we have the monumental task of going through all the stuff in the garage and deciding where to put it, whether or not to keep it, and how to dispose of it if we’re not keeping it. Our garage is so full of stuff we can barely walk through it. As someone who is OCD and loves to stay organized, not having everything put away and in its place drives me crazy! Knowing that there are a bunch of items that need to be put away crowds my mind and really prevents me from focusing my full attention on any one item. Hopefully we can get all that stuff put away soon so I can get everything back on track! As always, thanks for reading my ramblings!

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