Exercise Accountability for Week Ending 8.23.15


As I mentioned in last Friday’s post, we signed the lease on a rental home and started moving in.  Since one of our dogs has seizures that are brought on by stress/change, we decided to try moving in phases.  The main thing we wanted to accomplish was for her to see as little of the packing as possible.  What we did is bring the dogs to the new place & let them sniff the home & the yard to get used to it.  We brought over some of their favorite toys, their crate & blanket, & some water.  Nothing too major because Saturday was to be the bulk of the moving.

Saturday I took the dogs, more stuff & the baby gate over to the house.  I put the gate up in the bonus room, which is on a second level and would prevent them from seeing much of what was happening in the house.  My husband and his friend that helped us move brought in the bulk of the large items, including the couch and living room rug, which we set up right away.  That’s Miette’s comfy place.  She relaxed quite a bit after that came in.

At one point, I let the dogs out to potty to keep them from seeing more items come into the house.  I thought they were finished bringing them in, so I let the dogs back in the house.  The next thing I know, our friend told us that Miette had run out the front door.  Thankfully I was able to find her quickly.  She was in the neighbor’s yard headed down the street.  One of my worst fears is one of our dogs running into the street and getting run over.  Especially in this neighborhood because there are lots of motorcycles that speed up & down the street, and we aren’t very far from a highway.  Miette is a free spirit who is a very inquisitive, so I’m sure she was trying to find something she smelled.

Here are my workouts for the week:

  • Monday:  Rockin Body Party Express – 25 minutes & Hard Core Abs – 10 minutes twice (had to make up the one I missed last week)
  • Tuesday:  Rockin Body Shaun T’s Dance Party – 45 minutes
  • Wednesday:  Rockin Body Rock it Out – 45 minutes & Hard Core Abs – 10 minutes
  • Thursday:  Rockin Body Disco Groove – 35 minutes & Booty Time – 30 minutes
  • Friday:  Rockin Body Shaun T’s Dance Party – 45 minutes
  • Saturday:  Rockin Body Rock it Out – 45 minutes & Party Express  25 minutes
  • Sunday:   No workout – pulled a muscle in my neck & got a painful shingles outbreak Saturday evening & I’m in pain. 

Since I’m injured & just completed the Rockin Body 30 day program, I’m likely going to take this week off to recuperate & get the house unpacked.  Most of the heavy lifting was completed on Saturday with my husband and our friend.  There are a few things that he can lift alone that are somewhat heavy but well within his limits.  Good thing, because I can only lift small objects at this point.  Which means I should at least be able to unpack the boxes since there’s nothing too heavy in any of them.  Not sure yet what the next workout program will be, it depends on how long it takes me to feel better.

We are not getting internet at the new place until September 4th, which is after we give back the keys to our current place, so I may not be able to post as regularly for the next few weeks.  Please bear with me.  As always, I appreciate you stopping by!


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