Exercise Accountability for Week Ending 7.19.15


This week was a short work week for me.  I took Wednesday through Friday off so that I could attend my PiYo Live certification on Wednesday and the Beachbody Summit events the remainder of the week.  There were inspirational speeches, workshops, product launches, and lots of learning.  Overall it was an amazing experience!  This was my first summit since I’ve only been a coach for a few months.  We didn’t stay in Nashville, though, we drove in for the events.  One of our dogs needs seizure medication three times a day, so we missed a few of the events due to timing.

Friday evening when we got home, we found a puppy wandering around our neighborhood.  When I say puppy, you might envision a small dog, but she was more of a “teenager” and she was a large breed dog, so she was huge compared to ours.  She didn’t have a collar on, so we posted pictures of her on Facebook.  It had been 100 degrees plus for most of the day, so we brought her in and gave her water, which she lapped up quickly.  Our dogs were not too happy to have a strange dog in their house, but they got used to each other after awhile.  We did have to stay up a bit late waiting for the dogs to calm down.  The lost puppy slept in our bed with us just like our dogs do.  None of us slept very well because the bed was a bit crowded (we have a queen size).  Luckily we were able to locate her owner and they were reunited the next morning.

Of course, the lack of sleep and timing of the events affected my workouts for this week, which were:

  • Monday: PiYo Core – 30 minutes
  • Tuesday: PiYo Strong Legs – 30 minutes
  • Wednesday: PiYo Certification – 55 minute workout then re-doing multiple sections to learn how to teach.  Basically it was an all day workout!
  • Thursday: Insanity T25 group workout led by the one and only Shaun T!! – 45 minutes
  • Friday: Walked all over Music City Center & Downtown Nashville
  • Saturday: Walked all over Music City Center & Downtown Nashville
  • Sunday:  PiYo Define:  Upper Body – 20 minutes

Of all the inspiring stories I heard during summit, what affected me the most were the weight loss journeys of the 10 Beachbody Challenge Finalists.  All those finalists deserved to be there, and they have inspired so many people.  There were two people who won $100,000 and the remaining eight got $25,000.  Hearing their stories and seeing the determination, pride, and happiness on their faces brought me to tears.  Partially because I was in awe of their spirit, will, and drive.  Partially because someone who is very near and dear to me was at the forefront of my mind.  One of my best friends is someone I want to see on that stage one day, and picturing her up there was the main source of my tears.  As much as I want it for her, I know that she has to want it for herself.  When she’s ready, I’ll be there for her.  Long story short, summit was awesome & I want to go again next year!

As always thanks for reading!

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