Exercise Accountability for Week Ending 7.12.15


This week has been way less stressful than the last few months.  Since I spoke to my boss about my stress levels, she allowed me to work from home every day except one so I don’t have to drive two hours per day.  We have decided to move off post, so I’ve been able to go look at a few rental homes with my husband after work since I’m not getting home so late.  I’ve been able to get up a bit later and get to work earlier since I’m working at home.  Our dogs are loving me being home because they get to cuddle up next to me all day while I’m on the computer working.  This is great for me, too, because I have been worried they were becoming less bonded to me since I haven’t been home as much.

Saturday, we went out to watch the Connor McGregor/Chad Mendez fight.  We enjoyed a cheat meal and watched the preliminary and main event fights.  Lately I’ve been a bit bogged down in trying to balance exercise, work, and staying on schedule with my blog, so it was nice to get out of the house and have some down time.   Everyone needs time to relax and unwind, no matter how motivated you are!

My workouts for this week were:

  • Monday: PiYo Hardcore on the Floor – 30 minutes
  • Tuesday: PiYo Buns – 30 minutes
  • Wednesday: PiYo Strength Intervals – 25 minutes
  • Thursday:  PiYo Sweat – 35 minutes
  • Friday: PiYo Define Upper Body – 20 minutes
  • Saturday: PiYo  Define Lower Body –  25 minutes
  • Sunday:  no workout – I took a rest day!

Even though I’ve been working from home & feeling much less stressed, I’ve still been busy.  Between working, keeping up with posting regularly, and looking for homes, our days have been full yet exciting.  Saturday I got CPR certified so that I can now pursue my personal training certification next.  This week is the Beachbody Coaches Summit, and on Wednesday I get certified to teach PiYo.  Really looking forward to this new chapter!

Thanks for taking the time to read and visit my blog!

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