Exercise Accountability for Week Ending 6.21.15


My monthly visitor continued into this week. Luckily it wasn’t as difficult on me as it was at the end of last week, so I was able to get my workouts in without much pain (other than the discomfort of the workouts themselves, lol). I’ve been doing pretty good about getting to sleep on time most days. When I do get at least 7 hours, it’s much easier to get out of bed and get through the workouts. When I stay up too late, it’s difficult both to get up and to get through the workouts.  Again, why I prefer to exercise at home – I get a bit more sleep.
A few weeks ago my Naturopath diagnosed me with estrogen dominance. I started using a natural progesterone cream on Wednesday in hopes that this will be the root cause of my hypothyroidism. If it’s not, I hope it will at least clear up the severe menstrual issues I’ve been experiencing over the last few years.
Although I’m certain it’s too early in my regimen to tell, Thursday I noticed I had more focus than I’d experienced in quite some time. Nothing else in my routine has changed, so I’m thinking it’s the cream.

My workouts for the week were:

  • Monday:  PiYo Strength Intervals – 30 minutes
  • Tuesday:  PiYo Core – 35 minutes
  • Wednesday:   PiYo Full Body Blast – 30 minutes
  • Thursday:  PiYo Sweat – 35 minutes
  • Friday:   PiYo Strong Legs – 30 minutes
  • Saturday:  PiYo Drench – 45 minutes
  • Sunday:  Kundalini Yoga – 35 minutes

This coming week, I’m implementing a few dietary changes. Most at the recommendation of my Naturopath, and one because I’ve hit a weight-loss plateau and am hoping to fix that.
Two meals a day will be shakes, Shakeology in the morning for breakfast, solid food & snacks throughout the day, and a plant protein shake for dinner. I’ll be drinking Raw Protein powder by Garden of Life. My husband drinks it and he likes it.

My Naturopath recommended I eat fish three times per week, so I’m going to be sure to do that. We bought some wild caught tuna, cooked it, and used it to make a chopped salad with it and some leafy greens, beets, sauerkraut, red onion & avocado. I’ll be eating this three times per week as recommended, alternating fishes between tuna & cod this week. The other weekdays I’ll be eating chicken and turkey. Red meat is allowed one time per week, which is ok by me since I don’t eat it often anyway.  I’m sure there will be weeks where I skip this and continue to either eat turkey or simply get my protein from eggs.

Hopefully these changes will help me improve myself a bit more.  I’m always down for that!  As always, thanks for taking the time to read!

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