Exercise Accountability for Week Ending 4.10.16


This was week the first week of workouts since completing my second round of Body Beast.  Thanks to the weather going back and forth from hot to cold and all the pollen and wind we’ve been having lately I’ve been struggling with allergies.  Monday and Tuesday I felt pretty awful so I didn’t work out.  I managed to make it through my PiYo Live instructor DVD workouts Wednesday through Saturday.  After the workout Saturday I spent the day with some friends.  We went to watch the musical Chicago, then out to eat in downtown Nashville.  Sunday I woke up not feeling well so I was forced to take another rest day.

Here are my workouts for the week:

  • Monday: No workout – I wasn’t feeling well due to seasonal allergies
  • Tuesday: No workout – again I wasn’t feeling well due to seasonal allergies
  • Wednesday: PiYo Live round 37 – 50 minutes
  • Thursday: PiYo Live round 39 – 50 minutes
  • Friday: PiYo Live round 40 – 50 minutes
  • Saturday: PiYo Live round 41 – 50 minutes
  • Sunday:  No workout – not feeling well again due to seasonal allergies

This past Monday I took a musical theatre audition class.  I paid for the class awhile back so I went even though I wasn’t feeling great.  I had a musical theatre audition on Wednesday.  I wasn’t asked in for call backs, and I should find out this week whether or not I will be a part of the cast.  I’m sort of hoping that I’m not cast so that I can go to audition for another show at a different theatre where I will know a few people.  We shall see!

Last week I mentioned that I planned on sending out my acting resume to some agents and make a list of local gyms where I hope to teach PiYo Live and do some personal training.  Not feeling well kept me from doing that.  I spent quite a bit of time resting and blowing my nose, lol.  Not sure that it would make a great impression to go look for a job when I can’t even breathe though my nose.  Hopefully I’ll be feeling well enough this week to go do it.  It would be really awesome to be able to do the things I’m passionate about.

Happy Monday, and I hope you have a great week!  As always, thanks for reading!

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