Exercise Accountability for Week Ending 3.21.15


The week started off with a great attitude and effort on my part. Monday morning I got up and worked out, went to work feeling great about myself. Then my monthly “visitor” came and took me out. Monday and Tuesday I had terrible cramps, Wednesday I had a migraine, Thursday the cramps came back and lasted into Friday. Friday evening I went out for drinks with my colleagues and had a few too many, which led to me being hung over Saturday, unable to keep food down for most of the day.

Since Monday was the only day I managed to get a workout in, I’m not going to stick to my usual format for these posts. My workout was a 45 minute DVD – Crunch Super Slim-down Pilates Yoga Blend with Ellen Barrett. Most of the time, exercise helps relieve my pain, but not during menstruation. It makes it worse, as in pain radiating down my legs worse, so I skip exercise when I have cramps (and wrap myself in my electric blanket instead). I experienced cramping pretty much all week except for the day I had a migraine, and there’s no way I can exercise with a migraine.

It really bugs me to miss that many days of exercise because it feels like I’m making excuses. But, I’ve previously tried exercising in the conditions I described above and it made things worse. So I guess it is what it is and once again, I’ll be making more effort this week. This morning I did get up and do yoga before heading to work, and I’m working from home most of this week. I’m hoping this will allow me to “reset” and get back on track for good because I need to work out!

I thought about not posting for last week, but decided to anyway for two reasons: 1) I want and need to stay accountable, 2) everyone has setbacks from time to time, and if me putting this out there encourages even one person to get back on the exercise “wagon”, then it was worth it. Thanks for reading, and have a great week!

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