Exercise Accountability for Week Ending 2.28­­­­­­.16


This was week 7 of my second round of Body Beast. One more week of Block 2, which is the “bulk” phase. I’m not bulking up though, since women don’t have the hormones for that. Definition & tone is the only thing I’m gaining. Have I mentioned that I love this workout?

This past week on Monday I worked on the show Nashville again, and I didn’t have to be there until 12:45, so I completed my workout before I left. That was really nice because it allowed me to stay on schedule. The only other day I had been worried about was Wednesday because I was supposed to work on a movie that is filming in Nashville. The scene was cut out the day before, so I didn’t end up going. It actually worked out well, because it allowed me to stay caught up with my workouts. This coming week I will be working on the show Nashville as an extra again, which I’m excited about. This week will be the last I’ll be able to work on the show until Spamalot is over, because we have daily rehearsals from 5:30 to 10 pm. It’s a shame because they don’t always need the extras all day, and often times we finish in plenty of time for me to drive to rehearsals. However, the casting company doesn’t always know ahead of time when we will be needed, so whenever you submit to be an extra, you have to be available all day. Bummer!

Here are my workouts for the week:

  • Monday: Body Beast Bulk Chest – 30 minutes
  • Tuesday: Body Beast Bulk Legs – 41 minutes
  • Wednesday: Body Beast Bulk Arms – 35 minutes
  • Thursday: Beast Cardio & Abs – 30 minutes & 10 minutes
  • Friday: Body Beast Bulk Back – 29 minutes
  • Saturday: Body Beast Bulk Shoulders – 35 minutes
  • Sunday: Yoga, Lighten Up & Purify by Anna Brett & Ravi Singh – I did the warm up and Tear out the Toxins segments which I estimate lasted about 30 minutes (available in the fitness section of my Amazon store)

Technically Sunday is my rest day from Body Beast, but we will be rehearsing from 5:30-10, so it won’t really be a rest day this week. I’d love to fit one in this week sometime because I’m going to need it since things are about to get crazy with Spamalot! I may have to wait until after it’s over to take a break, but we’ll see. If I do get a rest day it will have to be Wednesday because I work on Nashville Monday, Tuesday & Thursday are rehearsal days, Friday we move into the theatre, Saturday we work on sets/props/costumes, and Sunday is rehearsals. Fingers crossed that I will get a rest day this week!

Happy Monday, and I hope you have a great week! As always, thanks for reading!

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