Exercise Accountability for Week Ending 2.14­­­­­­.16


This was week 5 of my second round of Body Beast. Monday was another snow day, and Tuesday wasn’t much better.  That is one of the reasons I absolutely love home workouts!  It allows me to keep up with my workouts regardless of the weather.  No worries about trying to drive to the gym in horrible weather.  Snow and ice is a big deal in the south.  We don’t get this kind of weather much, so it pretty much shuts everything down.  I myself know how to drive on snow and ice, but it’s the other drivers on the road that I worry about.

I stayed on track with my workouts until Friday, when my husband and I both worked as extras on the show Nashville. We had to be there very early, so we didn’t work out because we were gone literally all day. Saturday I woke up feeling pretty bad – as in, complete head congestion, sore throat, and deep neck soreness. I had been a little stopped up all week but was able to manage to get my workouts in. Since we ended up missing Friday’s workout, I planned to make it up on Saturday and Sunday, but my body had other plans. Depending on how long it takes me to feel better, I may try to either add extra work out a few days. It may be necessary to add a few days on to the program. I plan to listen to my body and give it time to recuperate if that’s what it needs.

This coming week I will be working on the show Nashville as an extra again, so I will have to plan around that. We also have a work day at the rehearsal building on Saturday and rehearsals Sunday, so it’s going to require me getting creative to get my workouts in, especially if I’m going to try to make up the ones I missed this week. Of course, I always have to be mindful that with Hashimoto’s, my body needs just the right amount of exercise. On one hand, if I don’t exercise enough, I don’t get the immune boost that comes with it. On the other hand, if I put too much stress on my body, that could drain my immune system and make me more susceptible to staying sick. Hopefully I make the right decision and get back on track quickly and without too much more down time dealing with sickness.

Here are my workouts for the week:

  • Monday: Body Beast Bulk Chest – 30 minutes
  • Tuesday: Body Beast Bulk Legs – 41 minutes
  • Wednesday: Body Beast Bulk Arms – 35 minutes
  • Thursday: Beast Cardio & Abs – 30 minutes & 10 minutes
  • Friday: No workout today – in Nashville all day
  • Saturday: No workout today – sinus congestion and neck pain
  • Sunday: No workout today – sinus congestion and neck pain

This past week I was able to make some of the new graphics, pictures, and videos I needed. Of course, I would love to say that I got everything done, but I’m keeping it positive and focusing on what I did get accomplished!

Though I really don’t like getting off schedule, you can’t foresee the future. When you get sick, you have to remember that your body needs time to heal. You just have to roll with it and remember that a detour doesn’t mean the end of the journey.   Happy Monday, and as always, thanks for reading!

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