Exercise Accountability for Week Ending 10.05.15


Week 4 of Body Beast is complete!  For most of the exercises I’ve increased the weights I’m using to 15 lbs at the heaviest.  Most exercises start with 8 lbs, increase to 10 lbs, then 15.  In another week or so I’ll be ready to increase the weight again.  The next highest dumbbells we own are 20 lbs, but I’m not sure that a 5 lb increase is the way to go.  My legs can handle it, but probably not my arms.  I’ll be looking for some 17 or 18 lb dumbbells or 2 – 3 lbs wrist weights.

My mom was here for a visit this week, and she did many of the workouts with me, using lighter weights than I since she’s not accustomed to lifting any more than 8 lbs (we have 2 sets of 8 lb weights).  The house we’re renting has a huge bonus room over the garage which we are using for a workout/game room.  One of the requirements we had when looking for a house was that we have a workout room, since I prefer to workout at home most of the time.  There is more than ample room for us both to do Body Beast, and to be honest, my husband could have done the workout with us as well.  I must say that I was also impressed that mom was able to hang in there with me with only minor modifications.  She has osteoarthritis in her shoulder, so she was forced to sit out a few of the exercises and did not do the Bulk Shoulder workout with me.

Here are my workouts for the week:

  • Monday:  Body Beast Build Legs 38 minutes, Build Back n Bis 50 minutes made up from last week, and Bulk Chest – 30 minutes
  • Tuesday:  Body Beast Bulk Legs – 41 minutes
  • Wednesday:  Body Beast Bulk Arms – 35 minutes
  • Thursday:  Beast Cardio & Beast Abs – 38 minutes & 10 minutes
  • Friday:  Body Beast Bulk Back – 29 minutes
  • Saturday:  No workout today – woke up late, ran errands then went straight to the theatre for performance, so I took my rest day early
  • Sunday:  Body Beast Bulk Shoulders – 35 minutes

With the exception of Monday and Wednesday, we had rehearsals and/or a performance each day.  There’s dancing, walking up and down stairs and moving large set pieces, so that burned a few extra calories too.  Now that the show is over, we’re going to have quite a bit more free time!  My husband also helped with the show, including taking video.  Now he and I will go through the video so we can make a DVD of the show.  I can’t wait to see the finished product!

As always, thanks for reading!

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