Exercise Accountability for Week Ending 1.3­­­­­­.16


This week went by so fast! Maybe it’s because my stepson was here and it just didn’t feel like we had enough time together as a family. It didn’t help that I had to study for my personal training exam. That really cut into our family time, but family time and babysitting our friends’ teacup Chihuahua was a bit distracting from study time. I didn’t pass the exam, which is a bummer because getting my certification was one of my 2015 goals. I knew before I started the test that I wasn’t really prepared but I was already scheduled to take it so I gave it my best effort. When I saw the score, I was disappointed but I immediately rescheduled it. I wanted to take it the same day but unfortunately the first available timeslot was this Tuesday at 3pm. At first I was upset but then I reminded myself that everything happens for a reason and all I can do is move forward. Knowing that I had more time to study was relieving and allowed me to fully enjoy the rest of the time that Cody was here.  Yesterday Cody had to go back home and Dwayne has to go back to work today so we’re back to a more normal pattern. That’s actually a good thing for me because I need the alone time to study for my exam! I will pass this time!!

Luckily I was able to get both Cody and my husband Dwayne to do a couple of workouts with me this week. We did 21 Day Fix Extreme Plyo & 10-minute trainer abs together. We were all smoked after that workout! The other workout we did together was PiYo Live round 40 on Saturday. I must confess I have a bit of an evil streak because I chose the most difficult PiYo round I have for us all to do together. The other evil part about it was that we had been out shopping, went out to eat spicy food and then had a Skype session with my mom. All that meant that we worked out pretty late in the evening.  Since Cody & Dwayne had a cheesecake burrito for dessert (I was good and didn’t have any), they really weren’t in the mood to exercise at all, much less do a difficult workout like PiYo, lol!

That said, here are my workouts for the week:

  • Monday: No workout today – I studied for my personal training certification all day
  • Tuesday: 21 Day Fix Extreme Plyo – 30 minutes, Yoga Booty Ballet Cardio Cabaret Burlesque Style – 35 minutes, 10-minute trainer Abs
  • Wednesday: PiYo Live Class Round 42 – 60 minutes (from my instructor DVD)
  • Thursday: No workout today – no good reason why
  • Friday: Yoga Booty Ballet Pure & Simple Yoga – 30 minutes
  • Saturday: PiYo Live Round 40 – 60 minutes
  • Sunday: No workout today – overslept and had to take Cody back to the airport

The two 21 Day Fix workouts that are available as sneak peek on Beachbody on Demand are pretty awesome! That may be the next program we buy!! But first, we have three other DVD programs that we purchased that we have to complete first! I’m also really loving Yoga Booty Ballet! The entire program is available with Beachbody on Demand. The thing I really love about it is that it incorporates many of the principles from Kundalini Yoga, which I love! If you don’t already have a fitness plan for 2016, please complete the form below and let’s talk! You can have hundreds of workouts at your fingertips for just $2 per week, 10% discount on any Beachbody purchases, plus personal support and guidance from me.  Let’s make 2016 awesome together!!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday and a safe and happy new year! Thanks for reading!

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