Exercise Accountability for Week Ending 1.10.16


I’m not going to lie, this week I hit a wall. I decided to take it easy, so there were quite a few days that I didn’t work out. The last few months have been extremely stressful. Between working on the ebook, getting my personal training certification, cooking for the holidays and trying to keep up with workouts, I hadn’t really had a chance to take it easy. Taking a break when I have projects I want to finish is not something I’m good at. However, I noticed that I was lacking creativity and drive. There’s no doubt in my mind that is directly related to me pushing myself so hard and not taking any time out to rest.

So, this week I rested almost every day. I still worked and did some goal setting and planning, but I also took quite a bit of time to simply relax and watch TV. Now that I’m rested, my husband and I plan to start another round of Body Beast today! He’s about to go back to school, so mornings will be the only time he will have to work out. Evenings after work will be dedicated to studying.

There’s not much to it, but here are my workouts for the week:
Monday:  No workout today – I studied for my personal training certification all day
Tuesday:  Focus T25 Alpha Cardio – 25 minutes
Wednesday:  No workout today.
Thursday:  No workout today
Friday:  Body Beast Total Body – 38 minutes
Saturday:  No workout today
Sunday:  No workout today

I’m happy to say that I passed my exam, and I am now officially a personal trainer!! My next big goal is  to find a job as a personal trainer and getting back to teaching PiYo. Of course, the training job will be in addition to helping online clients. That way I can help people get fit at home using Beachbody, online with personalized workout plans from me, PiYo Live classes, or individual personal training at a gym. It feels nice to know that I can help people no matter where or how they prefer to exercise! If I can help you, please use the contact form below and let’s get you started on your fitness goals.

As always, thanks for reading!

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