Crock Pot Review


Recently I’ve been posting quite a few slow cooker recipes, so I thought I would share with you which slow cooker I use to make these yummy meals in! Whether it’s chicken soup, pork loin, chili, or quinoa dressing for Thanksgiving, the slow cooker is an essential kitchen tool! It’s a great way to make easy, healthy, delicious meals the whole family will love!  Once I finish my ebook guide to nontoxic living, I’ll be releasing another one with slow cooker recipes.  Can’t wait to share it with you!

When I rented my first apartment, my mom gave me a small 1 quart Crock Pot. It was an old one with an ugly print, but it worked and I was a broke college student, so I didn’t complain. It was perfect for me as a single woman and even a few years into married life. When we got to the point where we needed to do meal prep for an entire week, though, the small slow cooker wasn’t working.

At different functions I attended, I kept seeing these large slow cookers where the bowl was removable from the base. That was one of the bigger selling points for me aside from the size. It was always so awkward to try to wash the old-style cooker where it was all one piece and I was trying to avoid getting the controls/wiring wet. This was pretty difficult with a 1 quart pot, so imagine how much more difficult that would be with a 6 quart pot! While there are several brands of slow cookers to choose from, I chose to buy the Crock Pot brand since that’s what I had before. I think the one I had was the 1970s version and was still working in 2012 when it was time to upgrade. For that reason I felt that I could trust the Crock Pot brand and decided to stick with it. Late 2012 was the time when I reached my breaking point with hypothyroidism and decided to change my eating habits. The problem was that my husband and I both were commuting two hours a day. My husband was doing pretty much all the household chores because I was pretty exhausted most of the time. We really needed something that we could use to make easy, healthy meals for the week. It became a Sunday ritual for us (him) to make a healthy Crock Pot meal and we that’s what we ate for the majority of the week. It really was a life saver for us.

We purchased the 6 quart version so that we could make large meals for the week, for pot lucks and/or family gatherings. It’s all black and the design is sleek and modern. The base is metal, the bowl is ceramic, and the lid is made of glass with metal trim around the edges and a plastic handle. There are also handles on the side of the cooker which make it easy to carry even when the cooker is hot. There are rubberized feet on the bottom of the cooker that help keep it in a sturdy position while it’s sitting on a flat surface. The definitely thought of everything with this product! It’s really been a life saver when it comes to meal prep. I’m so happy that we decided to get this cooker.

If you have a need for quick, easy, tasty meals (who doesn’t?), you need a slow cooker! The Crock Pot brand is the original and in my experience a trustworthy brand and the price is very reasonable for such a useful product. You can get one here: .

Hopefully you found this review to be helpful.  Thanks for reading!  Wishing you a Happy Healthy Thanksgiving!!

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