Acure Argan Oil

The Acure Argan Oil ( was another product that I bought on that first nontoxic shopping trip and I’ve been hooked ever since.  I bought it to use as a shine serum for my hair and it worked great!  My hair was shiny without being oily or sticky.  Once the hair color grew out of … Read more

Heritage Store Rosewater Spray

This week I’ll be reviewing multitasking products. I’d like to start with one of the first natural products that I bought when I opted for clean personal care products.  It’s Heritage Store brand rosewater spray.  This was one of the items I bought on my first shopping trip to replace my old toxic products. An … Read more

The Botanical Societies Citrus Deodorant

This week I’ve reviewed two other deodorants, so I figured I would throw in one more for good measure. I bought this deodorant at TJ Maxx as a backup to keep at my office for those days when I forget to put deodorant on before I leave the house.  We’ve all done it at some … Read more

Nourish Organic Vanilla Almond Deodorant

Desperate for some relief from my hypothyroidism symptoms, I was willing to try ANYTHING.  Any little change that might help, I was going to try it – especially if it’s avoiding the use of products with endocrine disrupting chemicals.  Traditional deodorants contain things such as triclosan and synthetic fragrances, which are endocrine disruptors.  On top … Read more

Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Shampoo and Conditioner Review

This brand was one I tried as I was just beginning to venture into the natural beauty product world in hopes of improving my hypothyroid symptoms. Reducing my exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals is the goal.  So, I decided to ditch the stuff filled with synthetic chemicals for a more natural option. Shea Moisture is … Read more

Acure Moroccan Argan Stem Cell + Argan Oil Shampoo/Conditioner Review

Something to know about me – I MUST have the matching shampoo and conditioner! I won’t buy one without the other. This was one of the first products I used when I decided to switch to nontoxic personal care products.  It appealed to me because it smelled nice, was a fair price, and I liked … Read more

These Are A Few of My Favorite (Nontoxic) Things

If you read my bio, you’ll see that after struggling with hypothyroidism symptoms and not getting answers from my doctors, I decided to learn about endocrine disrupting chemicals and how prevalent they are in personal care products. So far most of my posts talk about what ingredients I avoid, and they’ve been heavy on food … Read more

Detoxify Your Personal Care and Cosmetics

The following are changes I made to my Personal Care & Cosmetics – eliminated: Sodium laurel sulfate Parabens (any form) Fragrance (unless from essential oil) Triclosan Benzene (any form) Hair dye.  Yes, I finally embraced my natural color! Methylhexylcinnimate Petroleum distillates such as Propylene Glycol, PPG, PEG, etc. Fluoride Many others – too many to … Read more

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