Acure Organics Sensitive Skin Facial Cream

For those of you who are looking for less toxic personal care and beauty products, I’m offering my review of Acure Organics Sensitive Facial Cream.  Since I decided to switch to nontoxic beauty products in 2012 in an attempt to improve my hypothyroidism symptoms, I’ve tried quite a few facial lotions. This particular one is … Read more

Desert Essence Organics Pistachio Foot Repair Cream

Before we get into the review, I think it will be helpful to give you a little info about me. I’ve always had issues with my feet being dry. As such, I’ve tried just about every foot lotion known to man. Regular lotion simply doesn’t cut it – I need super moisture for these feet! … Read more

MyChelle Dermaceuticals Pure Harmony Serum Review

Back in November of 2014 I decided it was time to try a topical product for my hormonal acne. It always cropped up when I was ovulating and when I was premenstrual, so pretty much two weeks out of the month my lower jawline was broken out. It was by no means as bad as … Read more

Nontoxic Nails By Suncoat

Nail polish was one category I’d been hesitating on changing since going nontoxic beginning in late 2012.  I’d been sticking to polishes that were free of the toxic trio (dibutyl phthalate, toluene, formaldehyde), but the fumes still gave me headaches. It got to the point where I painted only my toenails and even then I … Read more

Thai Crystal Deodorant Review

One of my most frequently asked questions is “what’s a good natural deodorant?” Thai Crystal is by far my favorite and the one that works best for me.  There are two forms of this deodorant (a spray and a solid) and I’ve tried them both, so I’ll discuss them here. First up is the spray. … Read more

GloMinerals Lip Gloss Review

My first GloMinerals purchase was an eye shadow trio that I bought on a shopping trip when I was trying to replace my toxic makeup.  Why did I decide to look for nontoxic makeup?  Well, in my quest to live better with hypothyroidism, I researched what lifestyle changes I could make.  One thing that kept … Read more

MyChelle Pumpkin Renew Cream Review

Since it’s pumpkin season right now, I wanted to re-share this review.  MyChelle Pumpkin Renew Cream has remained a staple in my skincare regimen since I purchased it for the first time almost a year ago. MyChelle brand is one I had seen but hadn’t really tried until I bought this lotion. I ran out … Read more

Acure Organics Argan Stem Cell Argan Oil Shampoo/Conditioner Review

Quick fact about me – I MUST have the matching shampoo and conditioner. I won’t buy one without the other.  I blame my OCD! This was one of the first products I used when I decided to switch to nontoxic personal care products back in late 2012.  It appealed to me because it smelled nice, … Read more

Deep Steep Lotus Flower and Guava

I discovered Deep Steep when I ordered some Orchard Pear and Fig lotion from Vitacost.  It smells like real pears/figs.  This stuff is amazing! The smell is wonderful, the consistency is nice, and it contains no harmful ingredients.  TJ Maxx carries it, so I bought several different scents. Haven’t met one I don’t like yet. … Read more

Honeybee Gardens Nail Polish Review

This was one of two brands that I tried when I decided to opt for water-based polish after clinging to my toxic, smelly stuff for quite awhile after learning about their toxic ingredients (   The other brand I tried was Suncoat. First of all, there was not much odor, which is great. They have a … Read more

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