Exercise Accountability for Week Ending 2.14.15

So this week I did a little better than last week in attitude and exercise.  Still not as good as I would like, but some exercise is better than none!  As usual, I find myself hitting snooze too many times, then I don’t have as much time as I would like to exercise.  But, I … Read more

Exercise Accountability for Week Ending 1-23-15

As you know, it can be VERY difficult to exercise when your thyroid issues make you feel tired all the time.  It can be even more difficult when you work full time, commute, and are also involved in community theater (yes, this is my life right now!).  Even though it’s hard to muster the energy … Read more

My Method of Exercising with Hypothyroidism

If you have hypothyroidism, then I’m sure you know a little something about not having energy.  That is the biggest hurdle most of us have to overcome (myself included!).  It’s a catch-22 situation:  exercise gives you energy, but you need energy to exercise.  Or do you?  So many times I didn’t feel I could make … Read more

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