Slow Cooker Chicken Souop

Lately we’ve had lots of cold weather, including snow, ice, and rain.  As a result of all the back and forth, I’m dealing with a cold or allergies.  That means what I’m craving quite a bit is soup.  Comfort food is the best when it’s cold & you have allergies!  Enter crock pot chicken soup.  … Read more

Slow Cooker Pork Loin

We’ve been pretty busy lately so we decided to make an old stand by.  My husband is in a field exercise this week, so we needed a meal that he could just grab and go.  The weather has been back and forth between cold and sort-of cold.  Perfect conditions to get sick, so I figured … Read more

Deer and Turkey Bolognese

What do you do when you have ground turkey and ground venison that you need to use quickly? Make spaghetti sauce with gluten free noodles (no need to give myself a Hashimoto’s flare up!). Did you know that gluten activates autoimmune conditions, even if you don’t test positive for gluten antibodies? It’s best to avoid … Read more

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