Vitamins/Minerals I added

After being unable to get answers from my doctors as to why I was still feeling terrible even though my blood work “normal”, I decided to research which vitamins/minerals I should to take to support thyroid function.  Once I felt I had enough information, I checked for interactions with medicines/vitamins/food before adding to my regimen … Read more

Detoxify Your Personal Care and Cosmetics

The following are changes I made to my Personal Care & Cosmetics – eliminated: Sodium laurel sulfate Parabens (any form) Fragrance (unless from essential oil) Triclosan Benzene (any form) Hair dye.  Yes, I finally embraced my natural color! Methylhexylcinnimate Petroleum distillates such as Propylene Glycol, PPG, PEG, etc. Fluoride Many others – too many to … Read more

Easy Lemon Olive Oil “Viniagrette”

This isn’t really a vinaigrette, since there’s no actual vinegar in it. The acidity in the lemon mimics that of vinegar, though.  I have made a whole bottle of dressing with lemon, olive oil, salt, pepper and garlic in the past (I’ll post a recipe this next time I make a batch).  It worked out … Read more

Detoxify Your Home

Here’s how I detoxed our home: No synthetic fragrances in ANYTHING – essential oils only (more on this later) No Paraffin candles – they release benzene when burned (Recognized by the IARC, NTP, EPA, and NIH as a known human carcinogen) Use nontoxic detergents and cleaning products with a low rating on the Environmental Working … Read more

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